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November 2 2017 at 7:13 PM
sdog2006  (Login sdog2006)

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"So to compare Lee with the competition fighters (of whom I am a great follower such as Benny Urquidez) is not really worth trying to discuss, because it would be a bit like comparing a tennis player with a squash player - two different things all together. But remember one thing: Speed Kills!! and Lee = Speed."

You were doing okay until the last sentence, Steve. You can't say Lee doesn't fit in when it comes to competitive combat sport but at the same time say he was that fast you never know. We do know. Competition at it's hardest might "just" be competition, but the fighter is still taking punishment and giving it back. Lee wasn't a fighter, he was a martial artist. This is where the mythology about Bruce Lee comes in.

If he's not accustomed to taking "serious" whacks from top level guys trained specifically for two-way combat, then he's in trouble. That's in a ring, in an octagon, or on the street. If he gets tagged, he could go out like a porch light. In fighting, you have to maintain your composure through rough patches while continuing to execute. It takes years to get that down. How anyone can say Lee is beyond these laws is beyond me? I did full contact for longer than I care to remember and I used to get a charge when I got hit or I bled. I took a few years off, went back to it, got my head snapped back a few times and was close to shouting for my mother!

Also, Lee needs to be able to land with finger jabs. He need to be able to land with sidekicks to the kneecap. He might not miss a shot in a movie, but do we know how effective he'd be if a superbly talented fighter, capable of opening an opponent up, was coming after him? Someone with a working knowledge of angles, feints and judgment of distance. We don't know! And then the intangibles. Could he take a punch? Was his engine designed for a long drawn out battle. Being quick and talented isn't enough; not for Bruce Lee, not for anyone.

The best you can say about Lee was that he had unlimited potential when it came to real combat.

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