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November 3 2017 at 12:52 PM
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"Paralyze an opponent by grabbing his trapezoid". What is that about ? can you explain. Is that a certain part of the traps ?

Here is another thing. Of course ring fighters are legit and all that . Also it is very hard to explain what it feels like being in an elevated ring and fighting a competent fighter who does not gas out and actually gets stronger as time goes on. Even harder to explain how it is to do it infront of a crowd. So ring fighters have to train very hard.

But similarly isn't it hard to explain how strange a street fight is. The danger is much more real and intense, the worst that can happen is much worst than in a ring. Even unintentionally you can get really badly hurt, you fall down and hit the back of your head on a hard ground as an example. The variables are endless. Of course no one can train for all the variables but it does mean that the fight strategy should be changed. Make sure you dont end up on the ground (not in USA atleast), end the fight as soon as you can and so on....
I think I even read that BAs Rutten ones said that he was the most nervous in a street encounter.

Of course people use these explanations to not train like athletes when preparing for the streets and all that argument but why compare a 'street fighting' thinking bum with a good ring fighter. Comparison should be with a real fighter (similar talents, experience etc) from both arenas.

I trained for years in MMA style fighting and was convinced that was the best way for even the streets. I have changed my mind, of course it is a decent start but not the best way by any means. In the so called streets, first motion is very important, power, speed is very important and so on.
Another point in my opinion is that many ring fighters aren't even the best fighters in the gym , they usually are the people who love to compete.

also Mr Steve, Dan inosanto has said recently in a radio interview, he saw a few people who wanted to come down and deck Bruce and simply played with them . Who do you think these people where ?

Martial arts in every form is a dying art. Original M A is almost gone. Ring fighting is becoming safer and people dont fight on the streets like they used to. Laws are stricter .In a 100 years all will be gone.
Even in Bruce's time people fought more, many people where still alive who saw first hand the atrocities committed against the Chinese people , an angry time. Street fighting in that context is very different, like the old West.

What was the name of that 5 foot 1 inch guy, Barbados Walcott who was like 115 pounds and even Jack Johnson said was the second hardest hitter he ever faced. Jersey joe Wallcot named himself after the guy.

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