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November 5 2017 at 2:01 PM
Steve Kerridge  (Login Crayong)

Response to Re: What We Know


We can all sit here and explain our 'theory' on street-fighting, but the truth of the matter is there isn't anything concrete to explain, no rules, no referee, no game being played. This is why it kinda makes me laugh when Bruce is compared to Ali or any competition fighter whether it be boxing, kickboxing, MMA etc etc. Lee didn't train in any way under that mindset. Lee trained for direct, swift striking with maximum speed, and of course power comes with speed / correct technique, and thats basically all you can do. Even Lee putting on the protective equipment and 'going all out' wasn't real and of course he knew this, but it was the closest he could train to a real life situation, not so much in terms of taking a hit etc, but for the practice of closing down an opponent with speed and direct attacks. In other words getting the job done in the quickest time possible. Hence the practice of kicking to the knee or jab to the eyes to render an assailant unable to continue. But as you rightly said, a street encounter is a nervous situation to be in and with all the technique in the world, unless you keep a cool head and execute what you have practiced, it all goes to the dogs........ buy a gun, that will solve most situations, but then again we can't do that in the UK


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