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November 13 2017 at 8:50 PM
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>For what it's worth, in recent years, Chuck Norris goes out of his way to refer to himself as a "professional fighter", I guess as a means to differentiate himself from the guy who played Kato, even though his "fighting" was limited to point karate tournaments.< ~ Chris Richards

Yes that s true! :-)
I laughed a little bit when i saw this interview with Chuck on Youtube. Usually he likes to compliment Bruce´s skills, but when it comes to "who had won?" he mostly says "we didn t want to go there" or "i was a professional fighter and he was not".

At first an explanation what is a "professional fighter" or what is a "professional martial artist".

Professional Fighter:
Someone who gains his money with fighting in competition, all kinds of fighting/combat sports which pays good, mostly Boxing and MMA or K-1, rarely Kickboxing etc. because the money is not enough.
Examples: Deontay Wilder, Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Muhammad Ali in his day.

Professional Martial Artist:
Someone who gains his money with teaching martial arts and usually practicing and training 8 hours a day.
Examples: Tommy Carruthers, Goeff Thompson, Lee Morrison, Emin Boztepe, Bruce Lee between 1963 and 1971 (at that time he was a professional martial artist and did acting as a second job, 1971 to 1973 he was a professional actor and gains his money just through acting not to martial arts teaching anymore).

Norris, Lewis, Stone etc. they were never professional fighters because the money they were gaining in competition was not enough to live from.
Norris was like Lee a professional martial artist and his second job was Karate Point Tournaments in the 60´, but this he did as an amateur because the money was not enough to live from it, same with any Judo, Jiu Jitsu practioner.

AMATEUR -> you don´t gain enough money with your sport, it s not your main profession.
PROFESSIONAL -> you gain enough money with your sport and don´t need to have an other job.

How ridicolous and strange this "Professional" and "Amateur" can be shows Wrestling.
The REAL fighter in wrestling are in Amateur-Wresling because that s were the competition is.
There is only one way in Wrestling to gain enough money to live from it, and that´s Professional-Wrestling which is a staged sport entertainment with no competition.

>Your English is excellent. Good clarification on the use of words "fighter" "streetfighter" etc. In the U.S. a fight in the street can be the simple challenge, based on pride (which is still potentially dangerous, because someone can fall and hit his head on the ground, which has caused many deaths, for example) -- to what may be called violence, which is survival. In the latter, some people do not even call this 'fighting.' On Bruce Lee, we can see that in 'street fights' he would often play with opponents, and not cripple them for life.< ~ Herolung

Thanks. :-)

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