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December 3 2017 at 6:31 PM
Koga Ryu  (Login KogaRyu)

Response to Happy 77th Birthday to a great man.

What makes Lee a great man? He did not reach middle age. He spent his life in pursuit of money and fame. He did not teach his newest students directly yet charged astronomical amounts for the privilege. He cheated on his wife. He didn't raise his own kids. He experimented with drugs. He's guilty of insurance fraud. He fought nobody worthwhile, just closed door nonsense like Steven Seagal and his Bullshido fairy tales. Not to mention these "stories" come from his students and family only. Wonder why? Check their bank accounts. You are caught up in the image of Lee through the movies, Lee adopted "his" so called system from other systems, and he adopted "his" so called philosophies from other philosophies. Great way to package a product for the sole purpose of re-branding and selling don't you think? Use your brain for once.

Lee attends seminars yet fights NOBODY... repeatedly. He puts on a "rehearsed routine" for the crowd, yet seemingly states to avoid routine in a real fight. He sat on the sidelines and gave his opinionated facts. He only fought Kimura and Inosanto, who, by "their" own account, were told to come at him hard. Yea, sure. I don't see either of them as being a threat, and if you do, you are delusional. It was rehearsed. Give me a break. Break free from the fairy tale of Lee and you will enjoy your life to the fullest. I say this because the last thing that Lee himself would have ever done would be to waste his time on a forum dedicated to someone else. That is a waste of time, just like his movies. Way of the Dragon? Heh, give me a break. Rome was chosen because Lee learned the greatest fundamental for "his" JKD from Roman fighters who avoided slashing, and laughed at those who did so. He incorporated it into his system, and said "thank you" by setting his fight in Rome. Game of Death? Heh, give me a break. Two of the three released fights embellished Lee's students dressed in garb, with one so called Hapkido Master who was anything but, and was there because he was contracted by Raymond Chow. What does that tell you. Every New York Master turned him down, trust me on this. Just an entertainer who died at 32 years old. Ask yourself exactly how he inspired you, and you will soon see you fabricated your own inspiration through some delusion.

Koga Ryu

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  • Koga Ryu has issues. Just sayin'. NT - Horace on Dec 3, 2017, 7:05 PM
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