Oakland JKD is a mystery

December 31 2017 at 7:14 AM
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Response to Re: Oakland group - BL was actively hiding his methods

Hello everybody. I am an Oakland JKD student. As one of the Oakland JKD students, I can very much say the way we train is completely different from Taky, Chinatown JKD (WNG), Inosanto Academy, and pretty much 95% of all other JKD guys out there. I don't condemn or put down any other JKD schools, but from what I've trained, ours is one of the closest ones to connecting the dots on Bruce's secrets. Indeed, there are many secrets we don't publicly share, we don't record on DVDs and sell them out, we don't host mega seminars and try to recruit members, and we still have lots of old school JKD training methods used by Bruce Lee and the original Oakland JKD ways. We still use a lot of the old equipment. If any of you are serious about learning Oakland JKD. I'd humbly like to say that Oakland JKD does things differently.

First and foremost, Seattle and LA branches of JKD were left out. Oakland however, was not. The reason why is because the friendship that Bruce Lee and James Yimm Lee were very different compared to Inosanto, Ted Wong, and Taky Kimura. Out of all of them, James Yimm Lee was the most capable martial artist among them all, and James Lee actually helped Bruce Lee a lot. (ie, Bruce moving into James house, writing books together, teaching WC, WJM fight, then evolving to JKD) James Yimm Lee can basically be considered a co-founder to the original JKD material. If Bruce had secrets, it would not be much secrets as him and James Lee spent thousands of hours in James' garage developing the blueprint for Jun Fan Gung Fu & then later Original JKD.

Everybody forgets that JKD was born in Oakland, not Los Angeles or Seattle. 1964-1965 were years that JKD was already in creation. There is a misconception that JKD was 'born in 1967' and all the JKD schools, if not all but most, all propose the idea that JKD from 1967-1973 'were the years.' The dates and time don't add up or make any sense. If JKD was created in 1967 then there would not be enough time to demonstrate it the same year at the '67 Long Beach Intl. Truthfully speaking, it's well documented that in late 1964 and 1965 Bruce wrote to James Lee saying "We are having a new gung fu system drawn up."

As an Oakland JKD student, we are heavy on boxing fundamentals, and we don't discard the "trapping techniques." In our class we are taught how to have variation besides just pak sau and lop sau. Our school isn't advertise massively on Yelp, Google, and other search engines. We're pretty much underground and there's no official business building. Our classes don't run like a normal school, it's very informal. Our class is small, we don't have more than 8 or 9 faithful students. Bruce Lee wanted his real JKD classes to be small and high quality, not large numbers and bad quantity. We know all the hand trapping techniques that weren't passed onto Dan Inosanto and Ted Wong, and that's because of the original James Lee lineage. The Straight Lead punch made famous by Bruce's JKD was actually developed in Oakland, not anywhere else! Bruce's development in Oakland is what gave him the confidence to go down to Southern California and mess up all the Karate kids!

Let me just say this--- Howard Williams said when Bruce Lee closed all his schools, if you read between the lines, Bruce Lee only shut down all 3 COMMERCIAL branches but Oakland was never a commercial school, therefore it was never shut down. It was kept there to continue evolving. It only closed officially when James Lee died.

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