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January 7 2018 at 3:00 PM
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Response to Re: Bruce Lee: Violent Temper Guy


Lee did have a violent temper and did know how to use intimidation in his martial arts but not against an unarmed old man with no martial arts background. This is not the same Lee we all know.
In the early 60s, young Lee was once provoked by the U.S. landlord who bullied his lady friends and he carried a gun not a knife with him. That's for a reason.

As for Lo Wei's incident, Lee personally admitted to Wu Ngan and perhaps Linda that he was "out of his mind" at that moment. Lo Wei didn't provoke him but Lee saw him sitting in the small screening office and he just went over to confront him and threatened him with his belt knife. Like Wu Ngan said, Lee was under tremendous amount of pressure and huge stress at that time. If he had left Hong Kong for the U.S. earlier, things might be different. Remember HK was such a small city that as Lee described he was like a monkey in the cage with million pairs of eyes watching him after he became a superstar overnight. Lee set a very high standard for himself after smashing box-office records one after another. Imagine when a man with nothing at all had finally climbed to the peak of his career through so much hardwork, won't he worried about falling to the bottom one day if he didn't maintain it properly? No stress at all? B.S. Properly most of us won't understand because we have never gone through those stages that Lee had gone through.

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