Bruce Lee's beef with the Triads

January 11 2018 at 8:06 AM
JKD_Respecto  (Login JKD_Respect)

It's speculated that foul play was involved with Bruce Lee's death. Triads may have played a role, or may have not. Jackie Chan recently in a talk show said the death of Bruce Lee had nothing to do with Triads. However, Jackie Chan at some point was running from Triads as well. One can't really trust Jackie Chan's denial of Triads, because it's speculated that he feared his life if he were the publicly talk about them and confirm their shadowy influence in everything.

Throughout Bruce Lee's life he had many beef with the Triads. Before he left HK to go to America in 1959, he was already in deep trouble for beating up Triads, like a Triad leader's son or something. Secondly, Bruce taught martial arts to westerners, which was against the "Chinese community/federation's rules" but it was implied by many people, that in the 60s, the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Community was run by Triads behind the scenes. Such as, in order to own a martial arts school, you needed to be "verified and registered" into the community, and you had to pay protection fees, which Bruce Lee brushed off quickly with no second thought. This might have bothered them, as he was teaching westerners martial arts AND he was not following the policy of registering himself in the Traditional MA Federation acceptance. That is also including his feud with beating up Triad members back in HK before 1959. Already he had tension with the Triads.

It even progressed more as Bruce Lee became a super international star, and his beef with Lo Wei (who was a triad leader who does HK films), and his connections with Betty Ting Pei, who was also his friend but also a triad and was hugely connected with Triads.

Lastly, the fact that Bruce Lee was going to leave HK and pursue his acting career in America after Enter The Dragon, Raymond Chow, GH Studios, and the Triads behind the movie industry in HK, were furious about Bruce Lee going over to Warner Brothers instead of making millions of money in HK. This pissed them off apparently. It is said that a man who messes with the Triads money, will be on their hit list.

It would explain why Birth of The Dragon movie, which also had Triads in the movie, was made to portray Bruce in a negative, degrading, historically and biographically incorrect. I would not be surprised that Birth of The Dragon movie was specifically designed as a diversion by the Triads to show THEIR vision of Bruce Lee in a negative light. Wong Jack Man in real life, had to fight Bruce Lee, remember? But Wong Jack Man didn't send himself to fight Bruce Lee, WJM was sent by "the elders of the traditional Chinese MA community" aka "Triads behind the scenes."

This is all speculation honestly, there's no evidence for this, but in my mind I believe it's all connected. Bruce had had problems with the Triads dating as far back as 1959 all the way until 1973. It wouldn't surprise me that the Triads really hate him.

So, what do you guys think?

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