My Sources are mostly from here actually

January 19 2018 at 12:53 AM
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Connect the dots. Most of my research really comes from here actually.

One must understand that Triads make money off of the traditional martial arts community by establishing their society and protection fees. When Bruce Lee offended the MA community he offended the Triads as well because Triads do not want the world to know martial arts, and they were making money from protection fees. Even the WJM "fight" is weird and raises questions because WJM is a quiet, reserved guy who seems like he never wanted to even fight Bruce Lee to begin with. All these years, WJM has been silent. I think somewhere in the links above it talks about how WJM was more so "sent" by his elders of the martial arts community rather than WJM sending himself into the fight. Which is contrary to what most people believe, most people believe it was just a clash of egos between two young kids, but it wasn't.

If you read some of Bruce Lee's official biographies (books), it says that prior and during 1959, he was getting into a lot of street fights with Triads. Then do some research on how Triads basically run most of Asia---- including Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and more.

Keep in considering Lee's conflict with Lo Wei, and his closeness to Betty Ting Pei, it's like they had Triad agents all around Lee. Consider Jackie Chan who also almost got killed by Triads on multiple occasions.

This will be slightly derailing, but does anyone remember the death surrounding David Carridine and why that may have to do with Triads? David Carridine was investigating "dark martial arts secret societies" and was trying to get some grip on it before being suddenly murdered in Thailand. It's practically a warning that if anyone messes with the Chinese mafia and their martial arts, you could end up dead.

who knows, maybe I'm wrong, but at least the door is opened for more critical thoughts and research.

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