Brandon Lee's mysterious death

January 19 2018 at 8:42 AM
Herolung  (Login hero-lung)

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I remember a story about Triads in Macau, and someone was supposed to be bumped. Of course, there are many different gangs, but this one faction looked high and low for someone to do the job. No one wanted to do it; so at we can say that at least once there were gangsters who didn't kill indiscriminately. If it were a movie, it would be funny. It really went like this: "What! I don't want to do it. Why don't we get Al to do it?" "We asked him, he already said he didn't want no part of it."

While BL had enemies in gangland, he also seems to have had friends and at least fans in the gangs. The more stable among them might have weighed the insult vs. BL as a worldwide Chinese star. "Well, after all, he is Bruce Lee. He can only make us look good, as a Hong Kong guy." (I've heard stories that during the Godfather films by Coppola, the mob guys really enjoyed how they were being portrayed. Surely, if someone had been insulted by Coppola -- hypothetical -- someone else would have said, "What, are you crazy?"). But of course, there really is the true dark side of the Triads, and it's 50/50 at least that there were some who were insanely jealous of BL, and I emphasize the word insane.

But what of the coincidence that both Bruce and Brandon's deaths were outlined in Bruce's films? In Shanghai, his character's teacher is murdered by poison; he's also gunned down at the end. In GOD, his character is shot during filming. If going with the odds, I would say that the jury would lean towards Brandon being murdered. People have said that in the Crow Brandon's character is run through with a sword at the exact area where he was shot. I don't have the dvd, so can't check that.

One possibility is maybe the Japanese mob were incensed by Bruce's always beating the Japanese villains up? "Who -- can do -- karate -- better than Japanese!!?"

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