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January 28 2018 at 5:47 PM
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Haha, YouTube?! There's almost nothing on YouTube displaying great hand techniques. It's no wonder most JKD students out there always express confusion or discomfort for HIA in the 5-Ways. Even so-called "Jun Fan Gung Fu" purists don't get it right. Some early JFGF trapping derivatives such as Non-classical Gung Fu or Wing Chun Do can be pretty decent, but they're not really on YouTube, however they still lack the footwork and JKD structure. They're missing some stuff.

To answer your question, it isn't "who's doing the pak dar lop dar drill" nor is it about "who's doing it correctly." as it is more about who is doing it more direct, simple, and economical. The basic pak-dar-lap-dar drill is way too passive and is waiting for the opponent's block in order to get a trap, where there are better ways to get in and directly strike, leading to a trap, and then punishing the opponent's reaction more efficiently rather than waiting.

If you want Oakland JKD then I highly suggest coming to Northern California and finding it, it's always been there. Sorry, it's not my right to share our methods, but they work for me and many of my classmates. All I can say is in Oakland we don't focus on many politics, no federations, no constant monetary incentive seminars (aka expensive seminars), we don't have "GURUS" or any of that. Other JKD schools slap you on the hand for training on the wooden dummy if you're not at "Advanced Level 2 Rank" or some ******** like that. On my first day I was already playing hands with the wooden dummy.

Come find us if you really want learn more.

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