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A day with CopCop

February 23 2008 at 4:26 PM

Mrs. Fury  (Login MrsFury)


We went to Hymel's on River Road today. I took some pics, of course. CopCop did too, I'm sure he will post them later. We went up Airline and stopped in Gramercy for our nature walk and Zapp's chips then drove on to Hymel's. On the way back we stopped at St. Michael's church cemetery, which is very old.

I like kids. They taste like chicken.

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  1. Awesome! - jag on Feb 23, 4:41 PM
    1. We missed you! - CopCop on Feb 23, 6:34 PM
  2. Re: A day with CopCop - Judib on Feb 23, 4:57 PM
    1. Re: St. Michael's Cemetery - CopCop on Feb 23, 5:30 PM
    2. Hey JudiB - Mrs. Fury on Feb 23, 5:40 PM
      1. I'm going to get critical - schatze on Feb 23, 8:57 PM
      2. OOooookay, 'splain the Mr. Toast - Judib on Feb 24, 8:18 AM
        1. Some of Mr. Toast's history - JuJu's version: - JuJu on Feb 24, 8:29 AM
          1. Blue Bell Creamery! - CopCop on Feb 24, 11:05 AM
            1. Mr. Toast w/ Blue Bell ice cream - JuJu on Feb 24, 4:51 PM
              1. What a guy! - CopCop on Feb 24, 5:41 PM
              2. No way - PaulaRat on Feb 24, 5:57 PM
                1. That was CaramelTurtle Fudge. - JuJu on Feb 24, 6:24 PM
              3. Ice cream! - Mrs. Fury on Feb 24, 6:34 PM
                1. No - no one paid us much attention as they were - JuJu on Feb 24, 6:41 PM
  3. looks like fun - Barbara on Feb 23, 5:26 PM
    1. Mr. Toast made an appearance - Judib on Feb 23, 5:32 PM
      1. LOL! - CopCop on Feb 23, 6:18 PM
  4. Here's my pics......... - CopCop on Feb 23, 5:56 PM
    1. Re: Here's my pics......... - Anonymous on Feb 23, 6:24 PM
      1. Thanks for visiting here EAC! - CopCop on Feb 23, 6:31 PM
      2. Hey dude - Mrs. Fury on Feb 23, 8:22 PM
        1. I didn't know if the AintCheatins wanted that! - CopCop on Feb 23, 8:50 PM
          1. Yeah they seemed a little too normal - Mrs. Fury on Feb 23, 8:53 PM
        2. Sorry, can't let my mug out. - Jason Bourne on Feb 23, 9:10 PM
          1. Bourne - jag on Feb 23, 10:34 PM
    2. Nice pictures x 2 - PaulaRat on Feb 24, 6:04 AM
  5. Sounds like a great trip - Mr. Lake on Feb 23, 9:55 PM
  7. Thanks Mrs. F. and Copsie - Rita on Feb 23, 11:02 PM
    1. I remembered you talking about St. Mike's. - CopCop on Feb 24, 2:55 AM
      1. No. Union, LA - Rita on Feb 24, 1:38 PM
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