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Thanks Eduardo.... it is indeed my standard Neopan 100 film

December 26 2010 at 11:49 PM

Casey  (Login shimokita)

Response to Very dynamic and clean photos, Casey,

but a new lens and as well this was a test without filter. The same lens as the b&w's of Fuji from the recent trip. These shots were without then normal yello filter that I use with b&w film as I wanted to do some testing with the new to me lens. So I don't know if it was combination of lens, filter, or ??? I was struck by the difference of these shots and the Fuji shots... but with Fuji, I had that beautiful dark blue sky... In any case since there was some difference, I shot a test roll over the weekend and it's already since yesterday at the lab. I tried different filters and some other tests and should have the results later this week.

My feeling is that the sky would benifit from the yellow or even orange filter... it's the one aspect of this series that I didn't like (too washed out in my opinion), particularly the 'rail' part of the series.

The entire thread was shot on one day around one of the three Meiji University locations in Tokyo. It was a weekday (Monday 20-Dec) and the traffic is about normal for that time of the day (around noon). The roads are not as conjested as one might think, particularly away from the big centers (Tokyo is after all a city of distinct centers... like Shinjuku, Ginza, etc, much like Los Angeles in that regard). In the third shot we see the toll road above and a couple of layers of serface road ways below. Once off these main arteries it can get a little tight wink.gif.

BTW the lens is a Nikon 85mm f1.4 shot at f4 in these images.


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