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I only really used the 20/2.8 a few years back

January 9 2011 at 2:57 PM

Dude  (Login Dooderino)

Response to AI-S 20 or 24mm f2.8?

I loved it and couldn't find any faults with it - with any Nikkor pro-zooms in the 2.8 constant aperture I get better results than AI-S primes at 2.8 and only because I have the zooms in my bag 90% of the time ...

I would go for wider in a prime lens.

I used to joke I would never get a webcam. I reasoned that if I did, I would be on the Internet disgracing myself within hours. That timeline, it appears, was optimistic. A webcam came with my new MacBook Pro, and within ten minutes of starting it... My pants were pulled down and my shirt was pulled up and I honestly couldn't choose between being mortified at myself and thinking, "If dignity means I can't do this, then fuck dignity!

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