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A few film images from the worshop

December 10 2011 at 9:56 PM

Casey  (Login shimokita)

So, I took a Leica sponsored "street" photography workshop last weekend. Great fun and here are a few images that just came back from the lab.

01) meeting up before an evening walk. Getting some suggestions in the crowd...

LWS_03 (c) shimokita

02) Power and a simple idea

LWS_05 (c) shimokita

03) Ebisu evening

LWS_08 (c) shimokita

04) Christmas Tree in Shibuya with our main instructor

LWS_12 (c) shimokita

05) dinner and all you can drink wink.gif with some tips from one of the three support instructors

LWS_22 (c) shimokita

06) break time wink.gif

LWS_29 (c) shimokita

07) Going home on the train...


These were taken with a 28mm using Ilford Delta 3200 exposed at 1600 (developed at 3200). The resulting scans were a little muddy. Maybe more aggitation during the development (?) or fresh chemicals (?). Anyway the lab did the work so hard to tell... Over all I think that I would use this film again... maybe (for my set up) exposed at 3200 -1/3 or with a little fill flash for the night images. I would like to see darker blacks and a little stronger whites...


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