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Thanks Jeff... I can check with the Fujifilm guy

December 12 2011 at 5:01 PM

Casey  (Login shimokita)

Response to ooh, fun. :-)

that manages my film development, but he might be guessing as to the development chem's. Certain subject matter seems to work better than others. In post I ended up clipping the blacks and working the curves a bit to get these results. Playing with the scanner settings might be an option as well. I guess some testing is in the cards mid to long term.

For sure that last image (portrait) was a crop as you can tell by the grain. I don't mind it so much... for me the more frustrating part was the light in the background of "break time", particularly around the head of the little boy. Mid tones have gone missing, yet the scan is muddy... test, test, test...

In the end I guess that own development will be necessary...

A few more to post before we do the "annual review"... do you start that thread again this year?


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