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I don't think knowing much about the artist

March 7 2012 at 4:31 AM

Eduardo  (Login EduardoJB)

Response to I sometimes wonder about the voyeuristic aspect of it all...

Is very important, although sometimes their personality may influence their notoriety. In the case of Picasso and Van Gogh, their art was so different that it may have attracted enough without necessarily knowing about their lives. It's my case with Francis Bacon: the images where so strong that they led me to you books about him, and to be frank, I prefer his art to his way of life. It didn't change a bit my admiration for his work. Picasso became a celebrity and he basked in it and took advantage of it. In the case of Van Gogh, nobody knew about him until after he died.

But it's not a universal rule, and in these times where everything is so publicized, a mediocre artist can get away with it. Or a flamboyant personality can bring a sense of greatness in its art where it doesn't really exist.

But, yes, in the case of some artists, their biography can be very much enriching as well. David, the Pietá and other works are so powerful that even if nobody knew about the personal aspects of Michelanfelo's life they would still be considered masterpieces. Then you read about him and appreciate the works even more.

I don't think anybody has to know about your life, Echi, to admire your photography, so I'd say you're safe for now... wink.gif

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