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Self portrait

March 8 2012 at 2:12 PM

AndrewD  (Login AndrewDaley)

Hi everyone,

This is my first formal post on ThePuristS Photography Forum, but I admit that I have been reading (and viewing) your posts (and images) for about 7 years, so I feel I know you all quite well. It reminds me of my early days on ThePuristS watch forums; I lurked and soaked up knowledge and then slowly started to post my amateur watch photos. And gradually my watch collection grew, and my photos of them improved. So recognising that we all start somewhere, I thought it was about time I joined you guys here, if you don't mind having a newbie around again.

My journey with photography might explain where I am at the moment. I saved up all my money as a teenager and bought a Pentax SLR called a SuperA back in the late 1970's that I used with 50mm and 28mm Pentax lenses. I enjoyed the process of photography enormously. When digital came along in the late 1990's I liked the convenience, but hated the sterile photos I was taking (much like early days of digital CD versus analogue vinyl) and I lost interest in photography.

Three years ago I bought a DLux4 in order to take better wrist and watch photos and the enjoyment slowly returned. Last year I pulled out my old Pentax gear and started to shoot film again with the manual focus lenses. And suddenly all the pleasure returned; I had to think about and compose each photo and I felt like I was part of the experience again.

So two weeks ago I jumped in the deep end with an M9 and Summilux 50mm. And I am in heaven. Not every shot works (far from it), but I get pleasure from taking every shot, which is what is important to me at the moment.

So seeing as I know you guys quite well, I thought I would start with a self portrait of sorts. This was taken at a stick insect enclosure at our local museum which had rather reflective rear and side walls. I should also mention that I am a newbie with Light Room as well, so I expect a big learning curve with that too.

Thanks for reading!

Warm regards,



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