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I think it's going to be still more of the same...

April 5 2012 at 4:01 AM
Echi  (no login)

Response to "dropped by the office for 2 days"

I find myself trying to overcome the difficulty of capturing the moment with the M.

I see the light no different from how i saw it during the past 5 years.

The main difference is really image quality.

And that it is a system that you just want to tame and use. It is likeweilding excalibur. Hopefully i get to be king arthur at some point. Hahaha!

Also, i find myself enjoying landscapes with my tripod for thoseearly morning and late afetrnoon hours.

The M is a camera that finds you when you're ready for it... Corny but true. And in no way a snobibish statement, btw. It is a specialized piece of equipment no different from what Jeff is experiencing with his large format camera or Casey's mamiya.

Now after having said that, the old adage still remains. A cam is just a cam and it is still about the guybehind the vf.

Still the same old Echi but with a lot more missed shots! happy.gif

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