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Really bad at math. Not 2K USD per head but...

April 15 2012 at 8:20 PM
Echi  (no login)

Response to Seems to me,

200USD per head. talk about cheap labor, eh? i almost feel sorry that one can actually put a price tag on a human life.

i think i'm over the "equipment anxiety" part of this M business.

i know what to do happy.gif

used my usual processing on this one. i can't seem to detach myself away from it completely even though i try to aim for a natural look. then part of me wants my photographs to not be photographs and yet not quite a drawing or a painting.

funny you mentioned about natural and posing. that is how i do it and it doesn't really lend itself to a lot of variation.

the whole idea for me is not to glamourize environmental portraits. which means making them pose naturally. like how you'd lean on something solid to rest while standing. or the natural action of smoking a cigarette. i don't make them hide behind scarves or make them do fashion poses. i think this is the reason why they look comfortable somewhat. well, that and chatting them up.

i guess dignity is what it is and pride in whatever it is that they do in life. partly also the reason why i usually shoot from below or bend a bit to give them a bit more "height".

glad that you guys picked up on it happy.gif

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