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Been a while ... just a quick hello (and images)

April 28 2012 at 10:01 PM

Candidcameraman  (Login candidcameraman)

A lot has happened in these past few months.

Now I make more images using film - still using an iPhone like mad as well... Finally get an old camera... this puppy...

Took me a while to pull the trigger - found a mint one and the decision was easy

OldSchool.jpg's a'right wink.gif


The recent film endeavour (folly) of mine started because I put a battery in an old Canon AT-1 (The first camera I ever used and still have) for the meter and a roll of Tri-X in it for a night out with friends and loved what I achieved with it - still operates like new (The M3 is 55 years old and still operates like new too)

I was really impressed since the Canon had not seen film in about 20 years


I have a little photo show (exhibit) part of one of the largest photo festivals in North America at the moment... 12 prints, 6 large prints (44" by 66" and 44" by 44" they look stunning but my hallway is not barren in my downtown apartment...) And if all goes well it will be off to New York for my next exhibit (A couple of people from NY will be up specifically to check those pictures out - which could lead to permanent spots in choice locations in North America and potentially Europe (Cross your fingers for me...)


Then ... There is this other 366 projects which is morphing into a book .... half about Smart Phone Photography and half about plain old photography (Street Photography with a smart phone and photography tutorials in 500 images and lessons... turning into a 1000 image and extended caption project... first for an e-book followed by print a year later...)


Top that with request for articles and contributions from photo centric websites (too many - too little time...) and a full time position at a software co. Doesn't leave much time for other things in life. Married life is good.

Making images using film again was a nice change of pace, really slows things down. That Leica is the shizz, already started looking for an M2 to go with the M3 and a couple of lenses. Taking a break from forums for a while was a nice change of pace as well... Not that I cut myself off completely - as I use a photo sharing app, sort of a social media network for photography on a daily basis but try to keep it to one or two images a day.

Life is ... busy, finally starting to think there is light at the end of the tunnel - no worry - I have a slew of images with appropriate watermarks



Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light... I just make pictures.

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