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I'll wait for the M10 ;-) ...

May 15 2012 at 6:03 AM

Eduardo  (Login EduardoJB)

Response to Hi Eduardo...

I don't have anything against Leica as a manufacturer and its equipment, of course, but I think the chinese special editions are made specifically to take advantage of the Chinese nouveau rich. The whole thing is turning into madness. New tall and luxurious buildings are being built right beside shacks, designed by Western architects. I think China is facing a difficult social transformation too fast and inequality is being made more and more noticeable.

On the other hand, the Hermes edition is beautiful, but I don't know how much an owner of this one will really use it. Walter da Silva should design affordable cameras too, why not? The connection between a good designer and an expensive product sends a wrong message for design as a whole.

The Leica attitude (and again, I respect Leica a lot) is sort of perverse in much the same way the Bauhaus designed products became the opposite of what it was supposed to be. Good design became a luxury. One has to wonder about this because this was not the general intention. So, in this sense I applaud Apple (even though their products could be a little less expensive, but they are definitely affordable, judging by the number of sales). I wonder if Leica could lower its prices and I don't have information about this. Which reminds me that once we were going to design a BMW dealer building here. All the "design" clues and requirements were sent to us in a binder, some of which were not very appropriate for our climate, but they wouldn't budge. Anyway, the marque representative here confessed that they could sell the cars cheaper but they wouldn't do it because that was part of their strategy: exclusivity.

But there are other things I wonder about. The 5D Mark III price, for example. Or even the Fuji Pro's.

All these product have a market. Definitely. We're in the middle of an economic crisis but prices won't go down.

...But I'd still love to own a Monochrom. Is there a lens adapter for Contax G2 lenses somewhere?

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