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Finally succumbed and purchased a mirror less digital camera

June 24 2012 at 6:33 PM

Candidcameraman  (Login candidcameraman)

I have been shooting with an M3 for these past few months and loved the range finder so much I had to buy its digital equivalent...

I was diagnosed with L.A.S. ... Leica Acquisition Syndrome

I turned in a bunch of pro-DSLR and film equipment for one camera one lens... essentially trading in 3 cameras and 5 lenses for one of them Digital mirror less camera (apparently mirror less cameras are all the rage now a days)

I am surpassed at the sharpness of the lens, and the noise level of the files, this said - the files are not as clean as other pro-digital cameras but the images are simply stunning straight out of the camera, and this is what I was after. A lighter camera and straight out of the camera goodness, with less required post process to match my vision.

Not bad for straight out of the camera at iso 1000


I will be getting it's film equivalent later this week, an MP ... cause I love shooting film too much to just give it up

This one below was captured with my trusty iPhone, still my most used camera.


Found a used one at a decent price, just couldn't pass it up.

It is one of these things which I used to say, nah - the equipment doesn't matter... it still doesn't, at the heart of the image is the photographer's vision yet, when I started shooting with the M3 it all started to make sense all of a sudden - it is a completely different approach to photography where the composition matters more than the technical aspects of the image which can be easily achieved with a DSLR...

Depth of field takes on a meaning - shallow depth of field doesn't equate good photography, depth of field becomes a tool - so does exposure time and aperture in order to achieve the photographer's vision.... it requires more thought put into the image ... anywho I got side tracked ...

These cameras will be for next year's project - two captures a day, one digital and one film.

All the best

Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light... I just make pictures.

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