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Thanks very much for your input, I knew I'd get some useful feedback.

November 16 2012 at 1:29 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)

Response to re: opinions...

Hi, Casey,

The birds are an artifact of the format and sizing - the birds might (MIGHT) work if the picture were larger and they were identifiable as birds, but at screen size they look like specks of...even sensor dust. Better cleaned up and pp out.

A great example of seeing with the mind rather than the eye - in my mind I knew they were birds so I didn't see them as dust motes.

Your comments about the A-M backgrounds and door open but no person well taken and noted.

Shot context: each shot was a grab shot, with only 90-300 seconds to park and compose all shots per vehicle, sandwiched between time constraints to drive back to pick up the next car, all with lots going on in the mind (car evaluations) so the odd cropping was in fact in camera (Blackberry) and at the mercy of background garbage cans and utility poles (not to mention shadows and ambient lighting / fog or haze.)

Not to mention some fast heartbeating from pretty spirited driving on narrow curvy roads to test drive train response and chassis / suspension dynamics.

Not excuses, just context.


"The secret to success in life
is to keep believing in the possible,
but to focus your energies on the probable."

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