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November 20 2012 at 11:22 AM

Eduardo  (Login EduardoJB)

Response to If you are new to photo books...

Yes, you're right. Some of the photos stand out from the rest of any of these books. But, in the same way, some of the images wouldn't stand on their own ever. It's harder for me to appreciate them on a screen, though. I still can't do this with certain types of books, and I think photo books depend on the quality of the printing and paper, but I guess I'm turning into a dinosaur.

Some of the books on the site are really disturbing: Getxophoto 2012 / Elogio de la infancia, for example, and I have to wonder about shock value all over again.

Photo Books I own (not theory) include (some came from recommendations by Jeff, Echi and you):

Bruce Davidson's Outside/Inside
Ernst Hass: Color Photography
Robert Capa by Richard Whelan
Man Ray: Unconcerned but not indifferent
Street Seen: The psychological gesture in American Photography, 1940-1959
The Photobook: A histoty, vols 1 and 2
Magnum Contact Sheets
Magnum (by Phaedon)
Japanese Photobooks of the 60's and 70's
Watabe Yakishi: A Criminal Investigation
Street Photography Now
The Jazz Loft Project, Eugene Smith
The Essential Duane Michals
Real Dreams, Duane Michals
Questions Without Answers (from Agency VII)
Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour
Josef Koudelka: Invasion 68: Prague
Asylum, by Christopher Payne
Berlin Studien
and the first one on Vivian Meier
two by Annie Leibovitz
And, of course, the one by Echivarre & Bermudez, Uncommon Ground wink.gif

I have more, but would have to know where they are. There are BTW, some good books in Blurb's book library by unknown contemporary photographers. One I like is Correspondence, by Caponigro (But I'd look at his site first so you'd know his style)

Thanks for the link, Casey.

I'll try to get The Americans and The Last Resort

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