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As image capture has evolved from carbon and cave walls to film, then to digital media...

April 26 2014 at 3:53 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)

So too must I bow to the inexorable creep of evolution...

We will be transitioning to the PuristSPro / watchprosite platform, with its own dedicated photography forum. This forum will then become archival and read only.

Casey will moderate the new forum.

With my hat off to Casey for guiding this forum so capably for so long, thank you very much!

And thanks to the community...I sincerely hope you will transition with us to the new platform and help shape the tone and quality of the discussion there.

With deepest respect and thanks,

"I fear not Death,
For Death is but the cessation of Life.

What really scares me
Is a Life not Lived."

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