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Masthead 11-Mar-2014

March 12 2014 at 8:53 AM

Casey  (Login shimokita)

"He's 12." is the title of this February 16 post from Jeff... Another year on the calendar... and it's the time that we start loading up the film ( or formatting the memory card wink.gif ) and stepping out of doors again. I guess winter is not quite ready to give it up, but around here it's showing signs of spring, and a good time to bring out the cameras...
- Casey

165_20140216_Jeff (c) Jeff

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Jeff W
(Login jawarden)

Ha, thanks Casey >

March 14 2014, 6:52 AM 

I made a wet print of the four feet which I like. Oddly enough the kids like it too so I'll have to find a place to display it.

[linked image]

I've hardly been photographing but I hope that changes soon. I miss it!


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(Login shimokita)

I hear you about a break

March 15 2014, 4:32 AM 

from photographing... I took a couple of weeks off for various reasons... I was inspired by that Tom Wood video... Just thinking about personal expression rather than the burden of documenting something. Also the need not to identify with a particular style, even though we all have preferences.

Turned warm this week and should be a nice Sunday morning for a walk tomorrow... There is a Capa exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Photo Museum, so might take that in later next week.


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