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March 31 2014 at 11:54 PM

Deniz  (Login phase-de-lune.net)

30" long exposure. Feet in 15" in pure white snow. Hard to have an other point of view.

[linked image]

2 and 3.
A little bridge in a very typical alpin village, Le Fornet, the last village in Val d'Isere valley.

[linked image]

because of these clifts and snow height, it has been ahrd to find a spot without falling in the water or in the snow. 3 hours, just to find a spot. What a pleasure.

[linked image]

4. Tignes's dam. The reservoir is emptied every 10 years to check the structure. It is certainly the last time this is done, because of use of very sensible submarine cameras and mesurement tools.

[linked image]

Nik Software plug-ins have been used here, specially Color Exef, Detail Extractor.


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(Login shimokita)

on my PC... love the subtle tones

April 1 2014, 5:07 AM 

the second photo for example... lots of detail (stopped down) and yet there is minimal contrast (on my PC)... post processing has a nice feel... and of course a beautiful location. Keep the feet warm is the basic task wink.gif.

The rock outcropping (more so in the second photo) is very nice... it is more common for us to see tree lined slopes similar to the third image.

Snow is really a challenge to photograph... I like your results... and now (maybe) the snow is over for this season...

I read that Efex works with (some, but not all versions of) Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Aperture... good reviews on the product... I guess you like it wink.gif.


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Harish Hegde
(Login hhegde)

Sharp details..

April 1 2014, 9:03 PM 

I certainly could use this software.

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