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NMGHL- championship Day- Midget AA-Predictions

April 2 2004 at 9:57 AM
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statsy  (Login owha)
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Well here we are. It's decision day and there are no Nepean Wildcats in sight.

Yes these four teams have suffered and certianly know defeat. The measure of a hockey player is how quick they can get up once they've fallen. It's amazing the closeness of the teams left.

Clearview on track from the beginning to set the pace. A loss in London to Barrie. A third place finish A humble show in OWG. The flip side is they rebounded on opening gamelosses in both playoff series to eventually win the series, twice on ties to Scarberry & Missy. Pounded the Thunder Bay Queens for absolute respect but tourneys were not their long suit this year.

Toronto Aeros- Slow start but rose to 1st the hard way. Tournaments were good but not in the medals. OWG didn't get it done and dperession could have set in. Then they woke up. Huge wins against Aurora and Kitchener in playoffs set up their expectations.At the time didn't knowif tey were going to lose again this year.

Etobicoke Dolphins- Lead start to finish, Good tournament wins and then- Bang! the most improtant time of the year and provincials are only a reminder of what could have been. Frustrated yes, so Markham and Hamilton were only blips on the radar screen. What happened FEAR set in. OWG did not go well as minds were on the goaltender and overanxious players let their emotions run away from the task at hand. It came from the leaders and some of the followeres followed. They
knew they weren't going to Provincials and saw it slipping away. OWG became history. Remember FEAR!!

Brampton Thunder- a slow lazy schedue left them hustling at the end of the season and they did. Big tournaments weren't there strong suit but they seem to have a game plan of their own. Second by 1 goal the most scoring team in NMGHL. Gave up more than average thanks to being short handed.

So it goes like this, Aeros are goig to ice the Icestars by 2. the game will be tight and an empty net will be the 2 goal difference. Aeros albeit small and fast will get the room they need from the officiating. No nonsense will be tolerated and Clearviews defenced will eventually lighten to open the door for the Aeros. Clearview if they want to win wil have to bring a 5 man attack deep and keep it in until the Aeros tending falls. Aeros usually keep the puck out of their end zone but they can't score if it's it their end zone. Good luck!

Brampton,Brampton,Brampton, my head says you'll do it but my heart will win. Not because of emotion, rather by Fear. You see Etobicoke will have to leave for the beach and it won't be fun if they don't do something. A team as talented and exciting to watch, even though some love to hate them, just can't escape the feeling of futility. So Fear and what hockey means to them will prevail. Brampton's only chance is a game where the refs "let it go" because Etobicoke will over -react and forget what the purpose is. They don't like it rough but their sure not lovers. Deja vu at OWG. So Etobicoke by 3

Will see you after the semi's

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