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May 27 2006 at 6:10 PM
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As the most stable country in Latin America, the time has come for serious thought about investment in Brazil´s fast growing economy.

Brazil is a bit like the US a 100 years ago only without available finance at sustainable lending rates. Consequently Brazil has lagged behind in business expertise not having gained experience from failure and success. Starting a new business anywhere else in the Western world you are hard put to find a vacant slot where no one has been before or one with few operators. In Brazil there are innumerable possibilities, PROVIDED you have some business know-how and available capital at sustainable interest rates

Brazil still is and will be a safe bet for investors no matter what party is in power. Brazil has been stable for a long time now. We still have some dishonest politicians sticking their hand in the cookie jar now and then but they are inevitably found out and brought to justice. We also have too many people in jail with great overcrowding but it does not affect business.

One does not have to take my word for it, read the news articles about Brazil. They will be self sufficient soon as they are discovering locations with oil off their coasts, and have the expertise and technical advancements in the process of extracting such oil from beneath the sea. It is no secret to the world that they have been using alternative fuels long before other countries. So much in fact, that other countries are now looking towards Brazil for help in these areas.

Brazil has and will continue to grow and move in a positive direction. It is a friendly country which harbors no enemies or poses any threat to another land. It is the healthiest and largest economy in South America and has moved recently into the number nine slot of the world's largest economies. This has attracted many businesses and governments to Brazil and many who once did not look favorably at Brazil are starting to take another look at her, a serious look.

On an almost daily basis all the news I hear about the rest of the world is negative and filled with one sort of problem or another. Whether it be war related, weather related, or a score of other topics. All the news that seems to be coming out on Brazil is for the most part very positive these days in an era when many, many other areas have some extremely serious problems. Let us be honest with ourselves here, as the next ten years for so many countries, yes, including the United States, looks a bit bleak to say the least, it seems quite the opposite for Brazil as it looks extremely promising for Brazil and Brazilians these days as well as for Foreign Investors.

As I am far from any kind of an expert in any of these areas all I can do is evaluate these findings through news articles, reports and findings which are in abundance and readily available these days and draw my own conclusions. For these reasons, I strongly believe many who may have been a bit skeptical in the past now take another look at Brazil, a serious look for that matter and soon not to miss out on the opportunities that she presents at present, but which may be all but drying up as has happened in others areas due to growth and development. A look into real estate and investment possibilities.

Only a few short years ago the US Dollar bought 4 Reais. Today it buys just above 2 Reais. As I do not foresee, and this is my personal opinion mind you, it going any lower then this, one may think why not wait it out until it reaches that same exchange as just a few years ago? I do not think you will ever see those exchange rates again anytime in the near future. As a matter of fact, I think it has all but stabilized itself now and it is what it is. Therefore, in regards to real estate and investment, I am of the opinion that now is the time to get in if you have been contemplating such a move as real estate prices are definitely on the rise especially in João Pessoa but still an extremely good bargain at present.

Any fluctuations in the currency exchange rate in the near future will more then be absorbed by the rise in real estate prices taking place right now. So, if you have been so inclined in the recent past but skeptical and still have thoughts of Brazil dancing around in your head, and have exhausted your real estate possibilities as well as options here, maybe it is time you too took another look at Brazil as we have and will be for the next few years.

Brazil is also a viable option to building boats in China. And that's for a number of great reasons... including the outstanding government support mechanisms in place to support boat builders in this country.

The advantages of building in Brazil include – a government program allowing for duty free import of quality marine products from overseas for boat builders that export their final product out of the country, a large pool of talented craftspersons, competitive salaries, low cost of living, vast array of fine products such as farmed hardwoods, resins, composites, fiber glass and much more .. all produced in the large and diverse country of over 200 million people.

Brazil recently put a rocket into space, they build jets that compete with Boeing and Airbus, refine uranium and are now making moves towards joining the G8 - which dispels the common idea that it is a 'Third World' nation.

Brazil's boating industry is in its infancy - with little over a 1000 pleasure boats built per year. And, in Brazil, there is only one boat for 1,600 people, compared to one boat for 20 in the US or 1:7 in New Zealand.

However, a mature supply chain with a surprising amount of cost-effective products and services such as hardwoods, fiberglass, resins and composites, metal products and fabrication (aluminum and stainless are subsidized by the Brazilian government), as well as marine grade wiring, marine lighting, and a slew of other products are readily available.

Now is the time to think Brazil!! Those who wait will have lost an excellent opportunity to own and invest in a wonderful country filled with wonderful people and an abundance of natural beauty for you and your family to enjoy, now as well as in years to come. Worse case scenario, you make a great investment and a good return on it as well in the near term.

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