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81 F100, 351W/AOD/Lokar questions

February 10 2005 at 11:12 PM
Jeff_Birt  (no login)
from IP address

I've been lurking around for a few months and now have a few questions for the more experianced.

BACKGROUND: After bending a spiffy looking aluminum TV rod to mate a Carter AFB to the AOD; I soon realized it would not work properly, which is probably why Ford switched to the cable. I bought a Lokar cable and bracket and installed it this past weekend. The directions (for non-cable type shifters) show mounting the TV shaft bracket to point to the ground and the cable is mounted to one of the left rear pan bolts. On my truck this causes interferece with the shift linkage as the TV shaft bracket bends back in toward the tranny. The other mounting possibility places teh TV cable bracket at the left front mounting boss on the bellhousing which currently holds the shift linkage bracket. I could use a longer bolt through the boss a mount the TV cable bracket to its bottom with a nut (this 'might' work).

Question #1: Can the TV shaft be dissconected inside the tranny and rotated? It's been months since I had the pan off and I don't remember. (The idea is to filp the TV shaft bracket over so the the bend in it points to the left; I think this would require about a 90 deg. turn in the TV shaft.

Question #2: I have noticed a bit of tranny fluid leaking out of the shift linkage/TV shaft hole. Is their a bushing in there that can be (easily) replaced?



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Re: 81 F100, 351W/AOD/Lokar questions

February 11 2005, 11:38 PM 

On the AOD the kickdown linkage should mount on a pan bolt on the driver's side towards the rear. The linkage is expecting to pull down the rod as the throttle opens. I am surprised you are having problems but your application is different than mine.

To replace the seal you will need to pull the pan. Then you will have to figure out a tricky way to remove the nut from the kickdown rod (inside) and slide out the kickdown. The seal can then be replaced. You must either get the seal from Ford (the easiest) or find a tranny dealer. You might be able to order this from Jay (see sponsor pic above).

The suggested method is to remove the valve body but there are 24 (25?) bolts and you'll probably need a new gasket...and...well it's not fun...

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(Login stuart40a)
Forum Moderator

Re: 81 F100, 351W/AOD/Lokar questions

February 12 2005, 8:51 AM 

With all due respect the other persons information is incorrect.
The throttle lever can be removed from the outside of the transmission and flipped 180*.
There is no bushing to stop fluid leakage just a seal.
The manual shaft uses a seal while the throttle shaft has an "O" ring.
The task of replacing the manual shaft seal is just that. A real task.

Raise and support vehicle.
Drain transmission fluid and remove pan.
Disconnect manual shift rod and throttle valve lever at transmission.
Remove control body.
Disconnect inner throttle valve spring.
Remove detent spring.
Hold inner throttle lever then loosen outer nut and lock washer.
Remove outer throttle lever.
Remove manual shaft roll pin from the case.
Remove manual lever nut from the rooster comb/detent.
Remove inner manual lever and park pawl.
Remove manual shaft oil seal.

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February 12 2005, 10:07 PM 

Please excuse my lack of proper terminology, the manual shaft is the 'shift linkage shaft' ? Is this term derived from manualy selecting the trans gear, i.e. P,R,N,D?

I realize the bolt holding the TV lever on can be removed and the lever can be flipped 180*. The problem is the bracket supplied with the Lokar TV cable kit, when installed so the cable is mounted to the second last left rear pan bolt (per instructions), interferes with the manual shaft lever. I was curious if the the throttle shaft could be disconnected INSIDE the tranny and rotated 90*. This would allow me to rotate the Lokar TV lever (around the Z-axis).

Also, thanks much for the info on the seals involved. I think I might put off that job for a while (it's a very slow drip now).



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(Login stuart40a)
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Re: clarification

February 12 2005, 11:37 PM 

No the throttle shaft can't be rotated and still work.

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Thanks Stuart

February 13 2005, 6:11 PM 

Thanks Stuart,

I'll try flipping the Lokar TV lever around to pull from the front. If that does not work I guess I'll have to cut and reweld the Lokar bracket.

Thanks again!

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