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February 9 2006 at 9:13 PM
Gerald Walters  (no login)
from IP address

I would like to know what specialty tools are really needed for a person with reasonable ability to rebuild an AOD? I have rebuilt 5 Ford automatics without spending alot of cash on specialty tools but I don't want to get into it to find that something is absolutly needed. All ideas are welcome. Thanks

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February 9 2006, 10:30 PM 

i'am rebuilding my first aod right now , and i have found so for the tool that is a must have tool is the lip seal protector kit to install the 3 pistons back into there drum without damage to the seal
that kit will run around 86 or so bucks,so i got a tip from this forum to take the pistons to a tranny shop and have them do if ,that worked for me they have the tool.

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February 10 2006, 10:23 AM 

The first few 2 AOD's I did back in 2000 I took the parts to my local freinds Tranny shop and they squeezed them in with the lip seal installers. I purchased an old scarred set from them the 3rd time I since have purchased a new set for myself and have not used them. The ratty set is working fine with a little help from Mr. sandpaper.

Anyhow - $30 to install the lip seals is worth it. YOU MUST HAVE THIS TOOL TO INSTALL THE SEALS. That is a 99% rule. I have installed them without the tools, but it took for EVER and you jeprodize the integrity of teh seal.

Other tools
1)TWO 6" C clamp or Large welding style vice clamps (install OD servo/rev servo/makshift spring comressor)

2) dental tool set for fine picking seals

3) jug of vasoline

4) 3 cans of brake clean


6) rubber tiped air blower (make sure compresor is regulated)

7) metric tools

8) torque wrench !!!

9) Very good selection of sockets or bushing tools to remove/install bushings that need replacing. This is a good idea, but most of the time for persoanl rebuilds you might swing using the old bushings.


11) feeler guages.

I am sure I left out a tool, but frankly if you had all these you would be IN BUSINESS. You could almost rebuild that [puppy in your driveway. I accually have a tranny KIT that i put together in a seperate tool box that if needed to make a tranny house call, I can.

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AOD Valve body Identification? no 3rd or 4th gear

April 5 2006, 2:02 AM 

Hi I just went through my AOD transmission and replaced all of the soft parts and most of the hard parts do to lack of lubrication but the only reason I opened it up was because I had no 3rd or 4th gear now after a lot of time and money for parts I still have no 3rd or 4th gear.
The transmision in my truck had been rebilt once before so I don't know if it is the original AOD transmission but I do no it is an AOD I also noticed when I took it apart that accummulator 3-4 is missing but I dont know if it is supposed to be there or not since ford had 4 different options as to which piston was used or if one was used in the accummulator 3-4 and I have been told everything is based on what valve body is in the transmission.

How can I Identify which valve body I have so that I can hopefuly use that information to solve the problem.

Any help will be appreciated thanks

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Re: AOD Valve body Identification? no 3rd or 4th gear

April 5 2006, 9:59 AM 

Still no 3/4 could be the accumulator like you said. It isn't the style of is the need or no need for it.

The 90+ AOD don't use the bore location at all weather the accum is there or not.

The 89 VB has a check ball in the #7 location just to the right of the #8 location. You can flip up the corner of the sep plate (don't bend it) and see if it is there or not.

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