All OK in Duluth, MN

June 23 2012 at 10:03 PM
John Bushey  (no login)

Hi friends,
Just a note to say I personally made it through the Duluth, MN flooding well. About 8 inches of rain in
the basement but all handcuffs and Houdini items are safe. Damage to our beautiful city is estimated
at over 100 million dollars. Streets caved in and buckled, bridges collapsed, many zoo animals drowned, although
the polar bear that escaped becasue flooding filled his pen was tranquilized and put in quarantine before she could
injure anyone is Ok, many animals did die. The power of mother nature is truly awesome. I've had many calls and
have been busy - volunteering at temporary homeless shelters doing magic, cleaning the basement, etc.... Thanks for
all well-wishers. Just wanted to post to let everyone know I'm OK. I hate to do it here on a handcuff forum but
since many calls were from my friends here, thought I'd post to say all is well.

For those who'd like to see some pictures here is a compilation of varios photos:

Thank much, John Bushey

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