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July 1 2012 at 8:28 AM

Joseph Lauher  (Premier Login lauher)

June was topped by a number of interesting British cuffs with a nice complete Griffin plug 8 on top. Griffins two hundred years old and they are the oldest known cuffs that can be attributed to an identifiable manufacturer.

In the second decade of the 19th century Griffin retired after launching two successor companies. Griffin & Nichols became Nichols and Griffin & Hiatt which became Hiatt.

A plated Hiatt "Boer War" styled plug 8 sold with the incorrect key. A nice complete Froggatt with left handed threads also sold.

A Tower Detective with a long chain and a nice Iver Johnson were the top American items.

Since I like plug 8s I thought it was a great month.

[linked image]

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