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Tower leg irons?

December 4 2004 at 5:48 PM
Petra  (no login)


could you please tell me if
are real Tower leg irons or imitations? And does anyone have a picture of a matching key?

Thank you
Petra from www.Cuffsland.de

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Steve Santini
(no login)

"Tower" leg irons

December 4 2004, 11:14 PM 


It is likely that you have a set of Balco or other Tower copy leg irons. If this is so, it would make them rarer than an actual Tower set.

Steve Santini

P.S. The chain is the clue here

michael griffin
(no login)

Re: Tower leg irons?

December 5 2004, 12:19 PM 

Hi these are not balco balco is unique in that the links are round and flat
what you have is an imitation that actually takes a slightly smaller key than towers

Joe Lauher
(no login)

Imitation Tower

December 5 2004, 1:34 PM 


I think you are right, I have one just like it as shown below. But does anyone know who made these strange copies? The two most noticable characteristics are the strange chain and the small than normal size key.


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Mark Lyons
(no login)

Strange Leg Irons

December 5 2004, 2:57 PM 

Hi all,
I have 3 of these leg irons and they seem to take the same key. I do not know who made them either, but several other collectors in the know assure me that they are not Balco products. The key that I have for the leg irons does not work in the handcuffs that I believe is made by Balco. This cuff has the strange little rivet on the outside of the bow to prevent the lock body to close any further past that point. Two of my examples are identically stamped "Dade County". I will have to assume that it is the Dade County in Florida. Why or where the county acquired these leg irons is any ones guess.
I will entertain any trades for one of them if any one is interested.

Steve Santini
(no login)

Not links

December 5 2004, 5:07 PM 

Last year I had a set of Balco leg irons actually stamped with BALCO and having this type of chain. So I guess it's anyone's guess.

I have also had Balcos with the round links like Michael says.

Steve Santini

Bruce Thomson
(no login)

Re: Tower leg irons?

December 6 2004, 5:23 PM 

I also have a pair of Balco L/I stamped Balco double lock on each cuff, the links are like Griffen says - Big round links. the key is definately smaller than Towers.

Brad Darling
(no login)

Tower Leg Irons?

April 17 2005, 11:58 PM 


I've recently acquired three sets of "Imitation Towers" leg irons. They are all different - one set like yours. None marked, different chain and clevises. And different weights and thicknesses.

The one common denominator is that they all take the same key and it is definitely NOT a tower key.

So, in all of this did you ever get a picture of an original key? If not, I'll send one. I made a passable working key out of an old Tower blank, but then I found a smaller similar old key and made a key that works very well.

If you can't come up with something else, I can try to bang out something for you that would at least get them working.

Regards to Guenter.


DJ halfdead
(no login)

New find

September 15 2017, 3:10 PM 

I just grabbed a set of Imitation Tower Leg Irons off of Ebay. Sell seller had them marked as "Towers" but the look exactly like the OP pic. The chain told me that they werent. Interestingly enough, the Tower keys will go in and turn, but not far enough to open them. My Balco key, however, works great! These are also a double lock cuff. Pretty cool. Still not sure who made them though. They have no markings.
-Richard Knip-

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