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Followup to the Saf Lock high secuirty handcuff post in the archive

January 22 2007 at 2:42 PM
carey treesh  (Login flagmasterctfm)


Well, it was 1992 when I posted this message oringially. I only stumbled accross it today doing a google search of my name---doing my identify theft audit. I re-read my post and your reply (10 years later!!). Thanks for the reply.

Im still somewhat into the hobby of escapollogy, and I have been able to add a set of these cuffs to my collection, and in about 6 years of having them, I have not been able to pick them.

I have even gone to extreems such as giving the keys to a trusted friend going out of town for the weekend, only to find myself hopelessly trapped for 48 hours or more!

So, I stnad corrected, these are very high secuirty indeed.

Has anyone ever picked them that you know of? (fully locked of course, you can shimm them with your toe nail!).

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Re: Followup to the Saf Lock high secuirty handcuff post in the archive

January 22 2007, 5:40 PM 

I have had trouble picking those locks also. Did you ever look up the patent and see how the locks are constructed? You have 3 pins on top and one on the bottom. The springs are stiffer than the usual springs you find in a pin tumbler lock making it harder to find the shear line. In additon of having to deal with the one on the bottom. Refer to patent #3,392,554 will give you an idea how the inside basically works, but they have made improvements since the original patent.


Steve Santini
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I do this...

January 22 2007, 6:06 PM 

I have done this; try it.

I have made a tension wrench or turning tool with an extra long end that goes into the cylinder.

This performs the task of depressing all of the flat head driver pins and allowing tension to be directly transferred to the remaining pin shear line.

Now, while applying tension, simply rake the other pin set until the plug picks over.

It works believe me.

Steve Santini www.thedarkmaster.com

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Re: Followup to the Saf Lock high secuirty handcuff post in the archive

October 8 2009, 12:03 PM 

What did you use to make your tension wrench out of?

(Login Andy-58)

Re: Followup to the Saf Lock high secuirty handcuff post in the archive

October 8 2009, 12:38 PM 

i have picked them several times, "offhand" and "onhand". I use a normal tension tool, but i insert it not from the front but from the side in the cylinder. So it is only possible to tense it clockwise, counterclockwise tension tool will slip out of cylinder. So you can only open the double lock by picking, then you have to open cuff by shimming. But shimming is very easy.

Cylinder has three pins and one additional pin on the opposite side, dont forget this pin or you will never open the lock. Here is a picture how to hold tension tool when picking cuffs onhand:http://www.andys-handschellensammlung.de/main/handcuffs_world/saf_lok_mk4/saf_lok_mk4_en.htm (scroll down to the last picture). Picture is posed but it looks the same when you really pick the lock.

Best regards

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need a new set of these

August 27 2017, 1:03 PM 

Been years since I posted on this thread. Sadly about 4 years ago I had a break in at my home, and several things where stoeln. Amoung them was my only set of these cuffs. I have not been able to find a source. If anyone would be willing to sell to me (new or used working with key) please be so kind to email me direct at careytreesh@gmail.com.

I never did get a sucessful pick on these, but Id like to continue to try.

Carey Treesh Flag Master
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Still looking for MK4 set

January 28 2018, 11:52 AM 

I was lucky enough have Lynn see my last plee for help, and he sold me his pair of MK5's. But I really miss my mk4's. Id be willing to trade, or purcahse your set of used mk4's. If you have one your willing to trade or sell me. please email me.


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