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Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

February 21 2009 at 9:03 PM
Daniel Rickless  (Login dmrickle)

I am still looking for a nice condition Argus Iron Claw (model 2)

I have found quite a few Claws, but in horrible condition... corroded, scratched and worn to the point of no lettering visible.

I have a pair of S&W model 94 V3 cuffs with original key that I could include along with cash.

I'm more than happy to pay a good price if the claw is in excellent shape.

Thanks for reading my request here and sorry if I'm a pest


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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

February 21 2009, 9:44 PM 

Just be patient and hold onto your 94's and cash.

If the economy stays the same or gets worse you will see iron claws coming
"out of the woodwork" online and you can then "pick and choose" a good one.

It's way too easy for unscrupulous sellers to do a post sale search on iron claws to see what the
current price trend is before listing and then shill their item up to that price.

When I was first into collecting handcuffs and anything related I came across a pair of Argus model two's that were in excellent condition and consecutively numbered for under $75.00

good luck.

PS, for those who like collecting high security locks


Daniel Rickless
(Login dmrickle)

Iron Claw

February 22 2009, 4:31 AM 

When I used to collect cuffs and the like back in the 1970's I had owned at least a dozen Argus claws which I used to get for approx. $35-50 and they were all in excellent condition. Guess I'll have to wait for one to pop out of the woodwork now.

Many thanks for the reply.


Ricky Carter
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Argus Iron Claw

March 1 2009, 7:02 PM 

I have a Argus Iron Claw I dont know what model it is, however if you can tell by the serial # here it is

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Model 2?

March 2 2009, 9:42 PM 

Is it safe to assume that if it has the 1937 patent number on it it's a model 2? Mine shows some scuffing in the nickel plating and a small spot on one end of the handle where the steel is showing and dark but the lettering is still sharp and it works perfectly. The original leather hoster for it has some pretty rough spots on it though. Could have been a case of road rash or could have been rats in the attic where it was stored. In any case it's not for sale. I was just wondering which model it was.

Bernie R
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Arus Iron Claw

January 24 2010, 10:55 AM 

I have an original Arus Iron Claw. It is in very good condition and was my father's who was a policeman in PA. Has passed away last year and I received when he passed away. I will take some pictures of it if you are still interested.

Please contact me through the email addresswith a phone number or other information


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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

January 24 2010, 8:55 PM 

Most iron claws are in crappy condition as per the finish. The only steel parts are the two claws and internal thread. The rest is cast alloy of aluminum and copper. The Germans made zepplins out of it. Nickel plating wore off realy easy and the alloy turns dark gray. The alloy was called sduraluminm. If made all out of steel it would have rusted really bad and the screw mechainism would be a yugo.

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Iron Claw models

January 25 2010, 8:31 PM 

Why not go to Damon R. Shields excellent site US Handcuffs and Collectibles where he has done a great job dissecting the different models of Iron Claw. If nothing else we should use his system as the standard for labeling the different models so we'll all be on the same page.

Kyle S
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Model 2 here

October 6 2012, 10:32 PM 

I have just recently been given an Iron Claw Model 2 in very good condition...some of the plating has come of the claw part itself but not completely. At some point it was engraved with JUV. COURT. As well as the town it was in. Everything works nicely just like they were used yesterday. If Anyone can tell me what these are usually value at it would be great.

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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

October 7 2012, 9:17 AM 

DAN, my offer for my MINT CONDITION CLAW still open,pic's not available !!


Jay Lelsie
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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

October 13 2012, 12:15 AM 

If you can't find one, I have one packed away that i can probably get to on Saturday. The plating is VG as i remember.

How do you tell the difference in models. I had one when they first came out and I've had others and they all look the same.

Daniel Rickless
(Login dmrickle)

Claw Models

October 14 2012, 4:34 PM 

Hi Jay

The Argus Iron Claw had 6 versions. The 1st version had the locking teeth exposed which caused cuts to the officers. There wasn't a patent number either.

Version 2 had a sleeve that covered the teeth. Version 3 isn't much different than Version 2. It's only difference is in the patent stamp. Version 2 says: Pat. Pend.

Version 3 says: Pat. 1950757 and below that, Other Pat Pend.

Version 4's patent isn't pending anymore. Its stamped: Pat. 1950757
Under that is another patent number: 2066654

Version 5 appeared around 1960 when Argus became Argus-JayPee (these were made in Tawain) The patent numbers are the same as on all the other versions.

Version 6 has: Made in Tawain stamped on it and the claw itself is rather chunky looking with squared edges.

All the above info is from this website:http://www.ushandcuffs.com/AugusIronClaw.html

Hopefully I got all the info correct. It's a wonderful website, btw.


Dan R

shade hawkins
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argus claw

February 12 2013, 11:23 AM 

I have a very nice one I can sell you. Personal, police issue, not a junk.

(Login ChuckII)

Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

February 12 2013, 11:55 AM 

I have a few nippers for sale as well.

joe tanner
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argus claw

February 12 2013, 12:37 PM 

as to when the JAY PEE - ARGUS were FIRST made, the year of 1960 is INCORRECT unless they did NOT sell any till approx. 1982..... in approx. 1982-83 i purchased approx 15-16 JAY PEE - ARGUS nipper claws from the COURTLAND B. J. company (supplier of the JAY-PEE) but i can't remember if i had serial #0001 or 0002.... i did have serial numbers 0003 thru approx. 0018..... i kept a number of them in my collection as they had the LOWEST serial numbers...... ordered more right away as i was getting good orders for them and of course more as the years went by.... i do not know WHO actually contracted to have them made, but i suspect COURTLAND did as they were the only supplier that i know of.... i also believe that COURTLAND had contracted to have ONLY ONE RUN of them made and when they finally sold out of them several years ago that was it..... joe

Mile nj
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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

February 12 2013, 9:37 PM 

Give up already... Really starting to get old

Daniel Rickless
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My 4 year old post

February 13 2013, 5:35 PM 


The post that everyone is now emailing me about (a post from 4 years ago)
is a dead issue. Please don't email me or message me about a post I put on here in 2009. Someone said 'its getting old'. Naturally its old. I was looking for a claw, 4 years ago. I am all set with claws now. Ever since people went insane on ebay and are now selling and buying claws for almost $200(ridiculous), everyone on here is responding to my 4 year old post wanting to make a buck.

The best one was from someone on here who said: 'I have a claw to sell you'
I asked to see photos. He said he didn't own a camera but his claw looked just like the one in the gallery on here. When I told him I would like to see photos of his claw, he kept insisting that his looked exactly like the one in the gallery and he would sell it to me. He eventually asked me if I was a US citizen. I have no clue what he meant by that. Maybe he thought I didn't understand English. Would you buy a car from someone if they said "I can't show you my car, but it looks just like that one over there"

I do not want a claw. Case closed. Thank you.

(Login dancingcane)

Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

February 19 2013, 11:09 AM 

Hello, I bought a V4 for 40 USD and am satisfied. Thanks for the clarification of the versions.



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argus iron claw

March 5 2013, 9:49 AM 

i have been searching for a holster for my argus iron claw.perhaps you can help me locate one.i'll kep my eyes out for a claw in pristine condition.

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Re: Another attempt at finding an Argus Iron Claw

March 5 2013, 10:37 AM 

Joseph lock this post PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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