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I can see these being terribly abused...

December 2 2012 at 6:45 AM
Steve Santini 

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Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 2 2012, 11:12 AM 

Here's another site showing the same thing.

I can see a patent being issues but I don't see any demand for it where they will make any real money.



December 2 2012, 12:33 PM 

Are the keys shown ASP high security pentagon?



Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 2 2012, 1:12 PM 

Well Howy Cincy, they certainly look like an ASP design!

Ron Spitz

Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 2 2012, 1:29 PM 

Looks like this company has been making this type of cuff for shall we say non police activities. Here is their web site. Since I live in the area maybe I can get some more info.




Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 2 2012, 5:44 PM 

It's all fun & games...until some one has a Heart attack !
Wow , the things we do to surpress our fellow man/women ( Must be P correct. )

I accepted a challenge similiar to this concept awhile back , unique but Not new .
at the tiime law enforcement here in the US ,had its doubts wether it would become "standered issue ' asa it was mentioned in many of the trades.
This appears the be the 3rd /4th time if not more,a shock restraint has been inbtroduced to market.



RE: electric ASPs

December 2 2012, 8:00 PM 


Make a cuff that shocks, illuminates, buzzes, stabs, monitors vital functions, applies lotions or dermal powders, medicates, biometriclly samples, infuses liquids, emits gasses & vapors either by boundry perimeters... or by the will of cuckoo officers with a flashy Gameboy controller.......... and then build it upon one of the most mechanically INFERIOR [READ: ASP] cuffs ever devised.

People have already succesfully won judgements in instances that non-NIJ cuffs were applied to them and injuries resulted. How [Shakes head] or WHY do the makers of the "Robot ASPs" think they'll muster against NIJs test, section **5.7? wink.gif

Gotta love gimicky products!

**12hour Salt spray test



Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 3 2012, 2:06 AM 

Wow -- it wasn't all that long ago that cuff calipers were being debated as a means of reducing arrest related lawsuits.

These Orwellian technological marvels bring to mind a Mr. Stanley Milgram and his famous experiment.

[Humming Peter Gabriel tune]: "Don't you know you've got to shock the monkey...."


Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 8 2012, 3:20 PM 

These things look like part of the Full Employment For Attorneys Act.


Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 11 2012, 3:28 AM 

There is already a divice like it on the market, look at:




Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 11 2012, 7:23 AM 

This is essentially a remote controlled stun gun that can be used with or without handcuffs. The operating voltage of 80,000 Volts @ 5ma, is less than half that of a small tabletop Van De Graaff Generator with discharge electrode, and far less than that of a regular stun gun designed for instantaneous shock. The main difference being that the duration can be controlled with this device.

I received some painful shocks due to overzealous experimentation back in the days of my glory youth. The key here is low DC amperage -- unlike an electric chair which utilizes high AC amperage to fry the living cells, halt autonomous bodily functioning, etc.

There's a video of some deputies getting shocked HERE. Click on the open tab and allow time for the media to download.

You will need to have a default WMV video player installed on your computer to watch this.


Scottsdale Inventions

December 29 2012, 10:57 AM 

Hi All, I was just made aware of this article and the heated discussion going on, so I thought I would post and give you an idea of what we are doing and our intentions. The idea was brought to us a couple of years ago by a student at ASU and after doing significant due diligence (mostly talking to law enforcement and having two 26 year FBI veterans on our Board) we decided to raise some money and create a prototype of the cuffs. What we had found in our research was that several police vehicles were stolen and several single officer arrests ended badly for the officer. Clearly there is a potential moral dilemma here, however, our impression was that if someone were cuffed with the stun-cuffs, perhaps they would not act in a manner that would hurt others, i.e. a deterrent. Additionally, one can NEVER blame the tools that are used in a negative way, but rather the person using them. A person/law enforcement officer could use a gun, baton, Taser in a negative way too and with much more severe affects than the stun cuffs. However, if the cuffs could mitigate problems with detainees, wouldn't that be worth it. Furthermore, the cuffs provide a local shock and cannot even compare to the NMI that Tasers provide. The adult version of the cuffs came about because many times when we told people about the stun cuffs, they would comment, "how do I get a pair". So, while I am not interested in the fun cuffs, there appears to be an interest as a gag gift or whatever. I welcome and appreciate the feedback that you all have provided here and if you would like to email directly, you can do so at kjberk13@gmail.com. Please keep it respectful, I am not trying to create a police state or have any political agenda, we truly feel that we are trying to do something good here and protect the community through deterrent. Thanks, Kevin

old buzzard

stun cuffs

December 29 2012, 1:22 PM 

I would have to say that I agree with Kevin. I have worked for three different law enforcement agencies. Most people on this site look at handcuffs from purely a collector's perspective. I have met cop killers, murderers and inmates who have escaped from maximum security facilities. I have been to death row and have seen the place where killers are executed. If you had seen the things my eyes have, you would understand the need for these cuffs. They would have limited use in special security situations. Trust me, there are prisoners out there who need the extra security these handcuffs provide. Luckily for us, there are very few of these type of individuals. I'm talking about super maximum-security level prisoners, the kind who have nothing to loose and don't care about anything. I've met them, and believe me they are dangerous. You can bet that while a prisoner is wearing these there will be no less than 5 guards, a supervisor and every movement made while a prisoner is wearing these would be videotaped. There won't be the "abuse" that you are speaking of.

Ian McColl

Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 29 2012, 6:50 PM 

"There won't be the "abuse" that you are speaking of."

there will be and always will be abuse.

the death penalty is supposed to be a deterrent but even that doesnt work.


Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 29 2012, 11:39 PM 

I'm speaking as an inventor... TO an inventor:

A good invention is one that has an undeniable purpose as well as being something someone will purchase.

Purchasing departments for police/corrections seem to not like spending for run of the mill metallic cuffs. Cuffs which purchased in mass quantities can be had for less than $15.00 USD. ASP cuffs (less electronics, of course wink.gif ), are priced DOUBLE THAT. One more thing, have you ever seen the (I ADMIT) extremely, well-thought-out, clever, ingenius, crafty, resourceful ways that restrained people can tamper, vandalize, open & destroy a pair of cuffs??? Put a pair of "Go-Go Gadget Cuffs" on a sophisticated con, and I GUARANTEE you, he WILL find a way to vandalize the "goodies" contained within! Please keep this important fact in mind when designing your cuffs.

As far as the "purpose", It is well known by the attendees to this forum that humans can be downright mean mutha-truckahs when it comes to using restraint or torture devices toward their fellow man. An already restrained individual who is "ackin' a fool", even if a dose of "Edison's Medicine" is to be administered, the moment a cuff [READ: all by itself] starts to stab that person's skin and inject a controlled dangerous substance - under the guise of subduing that person - is the very moment that device will be used as an instrument of torture.

If these ever go into production, I'd be happy to purchase a pair or two from you - just promise to ship them devoid of "dermal powders & liquids".


Ian McColl

people do what people do

December 30 2012, 12:11 AM 


Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

December 31 2012, 1:11 AM 

''The only way to stop a bad guy with a handcuff is a good guy with a shock handcuff

Steve Mollett

Re: I can see these being terribly abused...

January 1 2013, 11:53 AM 

The only way to stop a bad-guy-wearing-a-good-guy's-badge from abusing these is to...uh...
Hey! We've got a problem!!

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