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June 4 2017 at 1:47 PM
Looking for french cuffs keys  (no login)


I have bought a batch of french cuffs, but they are not all keyed. So I'm looking for :
- Manurhin round keys (they are slighly different from the current Rivolier keys...)
- Manurhin flat keys for second lock, serials 210 and 249
- and a S37 flat key for Rivolier cuffs. It seems always available (here for example:http://www.tac-store.com/cles-de-menottes/6455-cle-plate-de-menotte-administrative.html), but not publicly.

Anyone can help me ? Copies are easy to make with any local locksmith, but only if I can obtain/borrow original keys...

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(no login)

Looking for french cuffs keys

June 4 2017, 1:48 PM 

Sorry, bad title for the post !

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