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Silent But Descriptive
(Login silentbd)

Re: Photo bucket charging $399.00 per year

August 3 2017, 4:26 PM 

My email: silentbutdescriptive@gmail.com

So far it is looking good. I already have approximately 55 forum pages worth of message's photobucket images (2 and a quarter thousand images at this moment) and my system I have set up is continuing to work to try and retrieve the images.

A few people have deleted their images from photobucket in response to PB's decision to charge and those images will be lost, fortunately most people have not deleted them.


Joseph Lauher
(Premier Login lauher)

Re: Photo bucket charging $399.00 per year

August 3 2017, 6:36 PM 

Sounds like you have been working hard. Thanks for your efforts.

I am putting together a method to handle future postings, but have no good ideas about the past.


(Login silentbd)

Re: Photo bucket charging $399.00 per year

August 5 2017, 9:27 AM 

I responded to the email with a more detailed easy way to fix it. It would take time though of going through threads and editing any posts where you see the dreadded photo*ucket square "pay us or gtfo" image and then using the simple process of highlight and paste and it would fix it. If you have multiple admins on the site that would help speed up the process. One start from page 1, one start from page 303 and maybe one starting in the middle and going in a direction.

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