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Bruce Thomson
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Re: John Bushey

February 12 2018, 10:09 AM 

I thought of John as the Miracle man, as he had defied the doctors so often throughout the last decade. Our conversations were a highlight of the conventions, as there always something fun or interesting he had to relate. When chance allowed him to visit my home, he was as enthusiastic as he was at the conventions, genuinely appreciating what I had collected and sharing information I would never have found on my own. After running through the binders and folders of escapology ephemera, I brought out a plastic tub with what was left of my cuff collection. I will never forget his head snapping up and him saying; "I smell metal!" I had the pleasure of visiting him in Duluth and seeing his trove.... a fantastic gathering of Houdiniana, rare cuffs, and far too much hardware to recount here.
But the true treasure was John himself, always.
I am hoping Cliff's plans for a Las Vegas convention work out, and we can all join together in celebrating John in person.

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February 12 2018, 12:56 PM 

As I try to come to terms with the loss of another friend... it is not easy as most of you know John was a great friend ... We made many trips together always planning for the next making new friends and seeing old friends so proud to share there collections with us....you fought long and hard my friend not to make this trip you always proved to me there was Magic in believing! But now you can rest without pain and talk to Harry about handcuffs and how many Russian pitchbooks there are thank you for calling me a friend....

Mark Lyons
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Re: John Bushey

February 12 2018, 7:22 PM 

Hi all,
Terry Roses asked me to spread the word.
John's memorial will be held on Monday Feb, 19th at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth Minnesota.
1:PM to 4:PM
It will be an informal gathering with some speakers, food and music.


If anyone can make it, please post here and I can relay the RSVP to his sister, Barbara.



Mark Lyons
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Re: John Bushey

February 13 2018, 10:36 PM 

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Bless you, John

February 15 2018, 12:40 AM 

I am crushed by the news and determined to get to Duluth to see my old friend off. One more trip together.

We will go on trading stories about this amazing man but we need to remember what John continually demonstrated to all who came around him. Not just his great passion but his many great passions, in handcuffs, in music, in magic to name a few but also in history and research and the necessity of collecting and sharing it as broadly as possible.

Collectors or fans in all these areas know well the passionate viewpoint that John brought them but he did more. They are now part of the community that John grew around himself in these and, I'm still amazed, how many other far flung but never forgotten subjects.

I wish his sister Barbara my sincerest condolences in the current struggle and the work that remains.

I hope to see her and many of you in Duluth this Monday.


Michael Griffin
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Re: John Bushey

February 15 2018, 1:21 PM 

I have been shocked since the news broke,,I kept wondering what would I say about my friend? too much. I think what my friend Elliott just wrote speaks volumes...Damn cancer
A soft goodbye to my friend........

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