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John Bushey

February 9 2018 at 2:34 PM
Clyde lowe  (no login)

I just heard that John Bushey passed away last night. Rest in R.I.P. JOHN

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February 9 2018, 2:46 PM 

Very sad to hear of the passing of a good friend and valued member of this board. I will miss our chats and joking back and forth. John was a great man with a wealth of knowledge. He battled his illness until the very end. Beating the doctor's predictions, several times. I know that John is up there, talking with Houdini. Getting the information that we have sought for so long. God speed, John. Rest easy my friend. Until we meet again.
-Richard Knip-


Joseph Lauher
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Re: John Bushey

February 9 2018, 3:38 PM 

John was the greatest of all of us.
He held the group together and we were all blessed to have him as a great friend.

Here is a picture of John from the convention in 2011. That is John sitting at the table surrounded by friends.



Ron Spitz
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Re: John Bushey

February 9 2018, 4:19 PM 

I don't know where to begin to express my thoughts about a friend who was so helpful, kind and courteous not only to me but to so many others. He was so knowledgeable not only in the field of handcuffs but also an expert on Houdini and Bob Dylan.

When John attended a lock show or a convention, he was the magnet that brought us together. The conversations we had into the late hours were a joy and have been missed.

Rest in peace, my friend.


Paul Davies
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RIP John

February 9 2018, 4:47 PM 

John was a man held in high regard around the world for many reasons, in many fields.
He will be missed.

Joseph Fox
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John Bushey

February 9 2018, 4:52 PM 

I am so very sorry to hear of John's passing.

John was one of the kindest and thoughtful people that I have ever known.

I've learned so much from him, through his wisdom and generosity.

Thank you, John.

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Re: John Bushey

February 9 2018, 5:25 PM 

John's passing leaves a void that can never be filled.

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John will be missed

February 9 2018, 7:06 PM 

The world lost a great collector, a great scholar, but most of all a great friend. I’m a better person for knowing him, I just wish it had been for longer.
Rest well buddy, and thank you!

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John Bushy

February 9 2018, 7:41 PM 

A long time friend with many fond memories.
Thank you John

No Name
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Re: John Bushey

February 9 2018, 8:55 PM 

Damon Shields
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John Bushey

February 10 2018, 4:52 AM 

John was a talented and brilliant man who was a true ambassador for the hobby. John always welcomed new collectors and would make sure you felt like you belonged.

Johns life was well lived. He always found a way to play it forward by helping others. When I remember John I will think of his passions, -Handcuffs, magic, and of course Bob Dylan. He was an amazing man who never stopped caring.

John will be missed.


Mark Lyons
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Re: John Bushey

February 10 2018, 4:59 AM 

It is with great sadness that I am learning of this.
I just spoke to him a few weeks ago and he sounded great.
We made tentative plans for his visit to the lock show in Anaheim and he was going to stay with me for a couple days.
As it was stated above, he was the bond that kept many of us in this hobby together.
His ability to research information is unparalleled and his knowledge helped me with some of my better pieces in the collection.
These attributes are now gone but his memory certainly will live on.
A great friend that will be missed dearly.

[linked image]



Lars Holst
(Login holstcollection)

Rest in peace John!

February 10 2018, 10:27 AM 

We all share the sadness of John's passing. John was a "motor" to the handcuff society and contributed a lot to the hobby; both socially,
by getting people together, but also with lots of information. His booklet on the Lorey handcuffs is a good example. I still would like
to see his research on the Wisner handcuffs I know he started. I certainly hope some people will gather all work he didn't got finished
due to his illness.

As a tribute to John, I have posted a few photos of him from the time we met. The first time we met was at Cannon's Escape Convention in 2005.
We all had such a good time together and so much fun. I certainly miss the good old times and I'm afraid it will not come back again.
The option sort of disappeared with John's passing.

My thoughts go to his family and closest friends. Rest in peace John and thanks for all! At least, you are not suffering anymore.


[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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John busey

February 10 2018, 12:39 PM 


I' m sorry to hear this sad news
I want to wish all the best to all
He was a very good person

Best. Patrick ( handboeienfreak )

(Login thenarsian)

Re: John Bushey

February 10 2018, 3:37 PM 

I couldn't be sadder to hear the news of Johns passing. I consider myself lucky to have known him and to consider him a friend.

Below is a link to a video of John's presentation at the 2016 Lancaster Lock Show. There he talked about researching the Lorey Handcuff and the McKenzie Mitt along with a few magic tricks thrown in. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind me sharing it here with his many friends.


Rest in peace John, you will be greatly missed.

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Re: John Bushey

February 11 2018, 5:33 AM 

That is very sad news. My sincere condolences to John's family and those who knew him.

I always experienced John as a very kind and helpful person, and I remember coming across his name again and again when I started collecting almost 20 years ago.

It reminds me that what counts is not the stuff we amass over our lives, but the friendships we make along the way and the way we lead our lives.

I will miss him.

Nils, Munich

Chris Gower
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February 11 2018, 8:34 AM 

So sorry to hear the news, John was always so helpful and friendly. He gave so much to everyone with the research he did. You will be greatly missed and my life has been enriched thanks to you. RIP

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February 11 2018, 1:19 PM 

I am absolutely devastated by this news! I may have only seen John at conventions, but he was always such a nice man!


Michael Busch
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John Bushey

February 11 2018, 3:55 PM 

I met John for the first time at the Cannons' Convention in 2006. Before we only had corresponded by email, and I well remember how deeply I was impressed by John's personality, his kindness and also his voice. When he shared information and told interesting stories, it was not only the contents of what he said but also the way he said it that made you feel you could listen to him eternally.

Many aspects of John's personality were outstanding; what I always will remember was the fire that was burning within him when it was about bringing friends together in one place to share a good time. More than once, when I was hesitating to make the trip to the Conventions in California or Indianapolis, it was his inspirational posting on this forum that finally let me make the hotel reservation and book the flight. From him I learned that the best thing of going to a convention is not to bring home another item for the collection but that it is all about bringing back the memories of good times with friends.

Also my family was deeply saddened when I told them about John Bushey having passed away. My son, who is 13 years old now, still remembers John Bushey doing rope magic at the Cannons' Convention going from table to table many years ago.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and to all his friends.

May you rest in peace, John.


Paul Reardon
(Login PaulReardon)

Re: John Bushey

February 11 2018, 7:17 PM 

He shared so much with so many in so many ways. Goodbye John

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