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Re: Lilly research

February 22 2018 at 8:36 AM
Michael Griffin  (no login)

Hey Paul Davies, Ron Spitz, Matt Forte and Lyle Wilkerson

Thank you for this download. My question is during your research did you ever come across a Lilly fig 8? I ask because over the years I have had several collectors tell me they either saw one or knew of one and yet, nothing.

It may be a sasquatch kinda cuff (just a blurry recollection) However, it would be cool if there was one that came into a collection.

Again, thanks for the Lilly Report.


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Ron Spitz
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Re: Lilly research

February 22 2018, 11:07 AM 

Our research was confined to the identity of Lilly and who made the shackles. There are still areas of search for info on the shackles that may be found someday. There were many bits of information that we found that were not included in the paper which was limited to Lilly.

It was a heck of a history lesson.


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