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Mark Lyons - "How to Spot Fakes" article

April 16 2018 at 4:14 PM

Joseph Lauher  (Premier Login lauher)

For along time Mark has had a nice article on eBay entitled "Handcuff Collecting. Why Collect Them? How to Spot Fakes."

eBay in all its wisdom decided to get rid of all such articles. Too bad because Mark's article helped many beginners avoid the pitfalls.

I have now posted Mark's original article on the Handcuffs.org site where it will live on.


Thanks Mark

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Mark Lyons
(no login)

Re: Mark Lyons - "How to Spot Fakes" article

April 16 2018, 9:03 PM 

Thanks Joe for providing my article a new home.
I wrote this almost 20 years ago and spent countless hours writing and rewriting it.

I know that readers saved a bundle by not coughing up the big bucks when considering buying "authentic" slave era manacles or Bat Masterson's personal handcuffs.

During its time on eBay, I think it had about 186,000 readers. Many people write to me about handcuffs they were considering purchasing but discovered that they were about to get burned. Never did I receive any offers to buy anything related. Getting a "Thank You" was reward enough.

I was pleased that I was able to be of service and help the hobby grow.
If too many get burned in bad deals, they will give up the hobby and collect something else, in my opinion.

EBay closed down all the guides and I suppose it was due to corporate greed.
The more bids they can garner from uneducated bidders, the more $$$ goes into their greedy hands.
These guides covered every aspect of collecting from rare coins, antiques, movie memorabilia to Beanie Babies.
If you collected it, there was a guide to inform you what to look out for.
It is sad that eBay closed them all down.
It is possible that bidding activity may be reduced now after a few sour deals go down without the valuable resources to learn from.

Thanks again for letting my article live on and I hope it brings current and future cuff collectors back to this great website.


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Re: Mark Lyons - &quot;How to Spot Fakes&quot; article

April 17 2018, 2:38 PM 

A big "Thank You" is in order for both Mark for authoring that fine article, and Joe for saving it! I've lost count as to the number of times that I've referred others to read it over the years ....

(Login sean97)

Re: Mark Lyons - "How to Spot Fakes" article

April 18 2018, 10:23 AM 

I'm thinking that if any people here sell on eBay, maybe include a link in their ad to Mark's article as another way to keep it alive and keep buyers informed.

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