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Your welcome, HR.

February 17 2004 at 12:31 PM
smike  (no login)
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Response to !Thanks for the good conversation...

Forgive me for being polite to someone I respect.

And if you could stay focused on what we were talking about instead of going off on a tangent about your pets isrealis and Momaar, you'd see I have a point.

The UN condemend Isreal for not withdrawing from the occupied territories, land Isreal does not, legitimately, own. (Spare me your bible lesson and join the real world two thousand years later). That was the whole world, dopey, nations, not some figurehead organization. The occupation is still condemned as it will be until its finally over. As it should be.

As for Libya, considering they are now your allies, I would suggest the appointment (it's rotating slot, HR, everybody, every nation, has an EQUAL opportuntity to serve) provided a forum for ddfiscourse and made the world a better place, not, as you would suggest, a mockery of the process. And lets look at Libya's human rights issue? How come nobody want mommar to go ebfore the war crimes tribubnal, or stand charges for crimes against hunamity? Cause he not guilty of anything like that so why should his country not represent the UN on human rights issues?

Bush should appologize for misleading the world and trying to pressure them into a war based upon a UN resolution and weapons of mass destrruction when the evidence did not support the attack prior to the war and now, afterwards. That's why the rest of the world dont trust the goober. He should swallow his pride and take one for the troops and the taxpayer, both who are getting fycked, and do whatever to takes to attain UN approval.

Everybody is waiting, there all on record claiming the moment the Un approves the mission is the moment the troops an money starts flowing.

The only obstacle?

Bush's Folly!

Get over it, the sooner you accept the situation for what it is, the sooner Americans will stop comming home in body bags for a lost cause.

Democracy is going to prevail, and you aint going to like the look of it when it does.

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