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21 dead coalition soldiers in three days.

April 6 2004 at 9:06 AM
smike  (no login)
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Response to This appears to be factional fighting

Sounds pretty bad to me, dude, consdering the sheety is just hitting the fan. Personally, I think they made a grave mistake by pushing for the arrest of the Iman, tyhe son of a bitch is using it to freak out Sistini's faithful. And now that Bush has gone back on his promise for democracy and the operation appears just to be a sham to instal a pro-American puppet, no elected government (true or not, it matters not, thats what they are being told and what the crazies think), the radicals are starting to ignore Sistini and gather round the nationalists...

Funny thing, they are demanding democracy! Bizxaro, using democracy to create a theocrcy yet there it is, DA. And their is F all we can do about it.

They know which way the vote is going to go, why not?

This is not good, DA, the only voice of quaise-reason is being, due the a failed policy, shunted aside and the radicals are gaining strength.

I see Al-Sadr has moved to Najaf, an entire city of the devoted, armed ready for war. He's daring the yanks to come get him and has said the resistance will continue to the occupation ends.

Occupation, DA, not liberation.

This coming from the population that were oppressed the most by Hussien, those who have the most to be grateful for! Now, a year later, Bush's non democratic policy has so soured relationships that, instead of kissing yer ass and thinking you for there very survival, the Shiites have joined the f'n Sunni's AND the f'n terrorists on a quest to kill youi.

Do you see a BUSH trend there, DA?

Like the post 911 era, when every nation in the world was fully behind America and his quest to bring bin Laden to justice.

Pooooooooof... gone, victims of an incredibly dense administration and a policy incapable of producing any other result then the one were are witnessing today.

Wait till they move on the bastards. Falluja is surrounded, supposedly sixty dead Iraquies and eight Americans last night and they havent reached the outskirts of the city.

Najaf has yet to be surrounded, a holy city.

Of course, Al-Jazeera et all is on site to broadcast the horror of the US army crushing a civilian population of zeal to Muslims... yep, thousands of martyrs in the making... just like in Palestine, where images of the isreali army buldozing houses and assassination by helicopter missile has sustained the support for palestine...

You think they hate you now, just wait to they invade Najaf and theres a new mass grave in Iraq, cause lets face it, against American military power, the goober either surrenders or theres going to be thousands of dead Iraquies.

Who's death will create a hundred bin Ladens, eh?

All with one hard on to kill a yank, or dozens of em, the more the merrier.

You know how it works over there, DA. Revenge cloaked in spirituality, a movement, not a entity we can kill.

Bush's Folly

Should be an intersting week, eh? They mentioned the impeachment word three times this morning on CNN, (Caferty file) wondering why, if Clinton was almost impeached for lying about lewinsky, how come Bush is getting a free walk for misleading the public about Iraq.

Seems like ole fat Ted's words have struck a chord... at last!

Tides turning.

The polls reflect this.

Bout freaking time.

You americans can be soooooooooo stubborn when your wrong! snicker.

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