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You got yer own special way of distorting the facts, HR.

April 6 2004 at 10:04 AM
smike  (no login)
from IP address

Response to D'Artagnon and smike hate the fact...

Yep, real special

Did we not support an aggressive military force on the real war on terror in Afghanistan?

Was not our concerns based upon the fact that Iraq was not a terrorist threat (as proven prior to the war) and that an early retreat from Afghanistan, before the bin Laden element and the taliban had trully been eradicated, only made us less safe, not safer?

Well, how does that make us against the use of militrary force? Just cause Bush didnt prove his case before the war and, unlike you, we were not blinded by puppet love to see the truth, the fact that hussien did not have wmd's, there were no links with 911? Well, if we were so wroing, WTF are they?


The fact is, we were right and YOU were WRONG and, in typical reopublican attack sheep fashion, you bluster your way through the facts in an attempt to twist them to cover your failures!!!

Topical sheep poop ala HR.

So, how you making out over their, doopey?

If your strategy of brute force against an unknown enemy is proving so effective, if Bush's policies are so correct, how come Bin laden is still alive? The taliban?

How come there is one hundred and fifty thousand troops in iraq and eleven thousands in Afghanstan, where the REAL f'N war on terror exists?

How come every single objective set in the aftermath of 911 has YET to be attained???

Cause Bush failed!

He bailed out on the real war on terror before the objective were met, he went to fight in iraq under a pretense and allowed bin Laden to escape and transform AQ into something virtually impossible to eradicate.

HE FAILED!!! (Must have been all the dope he was snorting and puffing on when he was young, like Octo, he has a very short attention span.)


Taliban? Still around, dopey, another Bush Failure

AQ? Fragments and diversified, thriving upon Bush lack of attention to mutate... FAILURE again!

The continuing state of anarchy in iraq, a year later??? FAILURE !!!

Twenty one dead coalition soldiers in three days, a year later... FAILURE

Twenty dead yanks and sisxt dead iraquies last night... FAILURE


Nope, its sheep like YOU, HR, who are obstructing the war on terror, not D and I. It is you who is supporting Bush FAILED policies, even though they have universally proven to be abject failures costing thousands of lives!

And its not D' and I who were or are stuck in the cold war era, but Bush and his security team, as amply demonstrated by there inability to ficus upon the real threat prior to 911 in favour of missile defense (missile defense contracters were a major contributor to Bush campaign, gee, what a coincidence, Bush was so busy paying off political debts he forgot to PROTECT YOU!!!!


BUSH FAILURE! Missile defense my arse, fool.

Nope, we (As in the rest of the world, not just us here D and I here in the Great White North- polls) understand all to well how to employ military strength and when and where to use it.

Had Bush and you puppets had a clue (How could you/they have a clue, for God's sake, there all chicken hawks, not a moment of experience between the lots of em, cept for GW who, as we know, had a long and distinguished career in the national guard (FAILURE).

NO, instead of FAILING in AFGHANISTAN, we would have eradicated the taliban, killed bin laden and Aq, installed a democracy and, unlike Bush, kept the forces in the region untikl it was a success.

Before trotting off to Iraq to depose bin laden in a legimate forum, something Bush, with his lame attempt to mislead the UN, did not acquire before he attacked, yet demonstrating yet again what a FAILURE his administration is.

Failed, HR. Not cause I say so, but because the goof and all his sheep brigade of excusists have yet to attain one single f'n objective!!!!

It is a administration of failure!

No wmd. NO bin Laden. No economy. No friends. NO way out of Iraq. No mad Mullah, a thousand flip flops... blah, blah, blah...

How you can contiue to support such a failed politician and his FAILED policies is beyond me. Specially when it costing so many dead soldiers over a lie and the situation in Iraq is spinning out of control.

You want someone to blame for yer misfortune, go look in the mirror.

Bleeeeeeeeeeeet Bleeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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