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April 17 2004 at 9:10 PM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to This isn't about me being Canadian...

I realize, you're trying to mend fences with a fellow soldier in Burgie, and that's cool, but unless you're ready to retract about two single-spaced pages of outrageous accusations against the American mission in Iraq, which I suspect Burgie is well aware of, you won't get far with this rapprochement thing.

Even in this mostly even-tempered note, you make some patently wacky statements, such as "US actions are aggressive in nature...this is not self-defense. It is the US who is attacking another country, unjustly inititating the War Against Iraq, and the risk of starting WWIII certainly should have outweighed ousting Hussein and putting in a puppet US government in Iraq."

See, you couldn't stop yourself, from calling the mission "War Against Iraq," which it most certainly is not, more like the opposite, a "War FOR Iraq's Freedom." The war against Hussein had been going on since he invaded Kuwait, and had never been brought to its conclusion. The UN-approved sanctions only hurt the Iraqi people, and made Hussein richer by the minute. The UN-approved and administrated "Oil-For-Food" boondoggle was a corrupt monster, we're just beginning to get the whole picture on that one. Don't you read or hear any of the news? Is your memory shot?

"The risk of starting WWIII certainly should have outweighed ousting Hussein" still don't get, that WWIII is already underway, and has been since the Islamofascists declared war on the free world back in the early-to-mid '90's. We just didn't listen to them, until they took down the WTC. This is a war that will last a good long time, probably beyond our lifetimes, though I hope not.

The terrorists are NOT just bin Laden and his putrid gang, they're all over the Mideast, being raised like mosquitos in those poverty-ridden, fly-bitten, insanity-encouraging madrassas and mosques all over the Arab Peninsula.

We're out to change the region, by introducing freedom and democracy, NOT by installing a "puppet government" the way Noam Chomsky and his imbecilic pals in the West describe the Governing Council, which will give way to an elected government very quickly, as soon as the terrorists and Baathist remnants are pacified. We aren't "stealing their oil," and we aren't out to eradicate Islam, and convert the country to Christianity. We aren't Nazis, either.

Those of us who have criticized the Canadian government on this matter, have been pretty careful to avoid painting the entire country with the same brush of shame applied to Chirac and his corrupt, terror-supporting-and-accomodating regime. That's why I post the writings of outraged Canadians, all the time. I posted a Canadian government report, the other day, that described the way the terrorist organizations of the world have found a haven and jumping-off point in Canada.

It's not an attack against Canadians, per se. It's an attack against a certain anti-American mindset, of which you are a prime example. You can "project" all you want, and try to appoint me the "bigot," but it's really you who has the problem with America's military and economic power, not to mention our cultural hegemony, that makes most Canadians feel like redheaded-stepchildren.

If you need evidence, that illustrates your anti-American bent, I'll post about 100 of your comments just from the past few months. I doubt if anyone here needs proof, though...including you.

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