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April 17 2004 at 11:31 PM
D'Artagnon77  (no login)
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Response to You've gone WAY beyond that!

Octopus... stated previously, you will not convince me the War on Terror is one and the same as the WAR AGAINST's not the same thing. Again...

a) The US did attack Iraq
b) The US is the aggressor
c) This is not self-defense for the US
d) This is not WWIII, though the US aggression in the Middle East very well could start WWIII
e) The Governing Council is an American puppet, and any democratically elected government that is not pro-USA will be removed...guaranteed.

.....As for your assertion of "The War for Iraq's Freedom", as asked previously, where does President Bush get the right to determine who can and who cannot be the leader of another country? The US does not have the right to determine who should rule Iraq, guaranteed if al Sadr was elected, it wouldn't take long for American Forces to remove him in favor of a pro-American leader.

.....If WWIII is already underway, it's because it started when the US invaded Iraq.

.....I'm getting a bit of a chuckle, when I read, words to the effect, "The US is out to pacify the terrorists and Bathist remnants", that's another problem...because every time the US removes one crazy MoFo, there are 10 more ready to step into that position. Pacify the terrorists, change the region...what makes you think, I mean, besides the 'we must think positive thoughts' what makes you think the US has a chance to sort things out in the region?

.....As for criticizing Canada, you have not wasted one opportunity to indeed paint the entire country as anti-American, pro-Chiraq...PRO-SADDAM for that matter...DA has done just as is indeed an attack against Canada. As stated previously, this invasion and occupation of Iraq, the War Against Iraq...this is not about Canada, and it's obvious each time you, DA and HR lash out at Canada, it's simply to divert away from the wrongs committed by the US. And it's not a problem with American Military might, or your economic superiority, I certainly do not have a problem with that...what I have a problem with is, President Bush forcing his Military might down the throats of other countries, dictating the conditions of rule in other countries, especially to the benefit of the US, and too often, the detriment of said country...D'

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