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Why? cause I actually read why the bastard hates you?

April 19 2004 at 9:55 AM
smike  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Why don't you just admit you share OBL's hatred of the US


I'm suggesting your stoopid, HR, if you havent taken the time to read or reserach the motives that drives bin laden hatred against you.

Reallllllllllllllll STOOOPID! Chicken little stoopid!

Fyck, your just a sheeep, ready for the slaughter, to vapid to study your enemy, not with a mind of joining him, but defeating him. I doubt you even know why the bastard is comming to get you, eh? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Everybody is on the list, you braid dead piece of sheep dip, its you and the rest of the puppets that dont get it.

Bush has proven himself to inept to get the job done... TWICE!!!!

He's a f'n failure, not cause i say so, but because he hast attained one f'n objective he set for himself and America.

And because of his fycken stoopidity, he has put us all a risk. He's put us at greater risk, not lesser, he losing the war on terror, not winning,. He a fycking idiot!!!

Time for a real leader, one the world can trust, where we, united, can fight the beast and win. Amd if Anmerica cant deal with the fact Bush aint it, fine, defend yourself and we shall do likewise... without you!

Cause your just fycking things up and making it a lot more dangerous for the rest of us.

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